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Blog Post No. 481

southpark_facebook_gifWelcome to February of 2022. Right now I’m trying to figure out what this blog will look like for the year after having one of the best (in terms of views and visitors) years in the last decade. It’s hard to not take stock of the first month’s numbers, compare them to last year’s, and make predictions. If those numbers are any indication (and they probably aren’t) I won’t be breaking any records. But that’s okay. Not going out for readings or other events is strange and I’m sure it’s limiting my audience growth, but so is having as limited an internet presence as I currently have. I’m not a big fan of social media (though I check it enough). I hate making posts that feel empty. I believe in the concept of paying for a person’s attention with either information or entertainment.

But, there is something to be said for the bombardment approach. Most people I know who are working on a career as an artist tell the same story. Someone higher up on the ladder or a media marketing expert told them that they should be posting every day. On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and whatever other platform is currently popular that I can’t think of right now. (Insert from later when I remembered. It’s TikTok, though that could already be old news by now).

agreeableboilinginganue-max-1mbWith that in mind, I’ve been thinking of new strategies in terms of posting online. I can’t abide by Twitter just yet. It’s too much of a sinkhole, though Facebook isn’t much better and most of my presence is there. I don’t want to just write more posts. I doubt it would help increase my audience size much since I’d be preaching to the choir. That leaves Instagram and TikTok. I’m not hip enough to get TikTok, so, I guess, Instagram.

All that isn’t to say that I know what I’m going to do with the platform. Take pictures, obviously. I just don’t think that my day to day life is interesting enough to bother people with. Though, I do write this weekly blog expecting friends and stranger to care about my musings. Really, the biggest obstacle is having something worth advertising about myself. I have physical books, but the cost of ordering them online is nuts. I seem to have no control over how websites price them. That means I have to finally get my ebooks out into the world. Sigh. I should have had them for years now.

g8udnmqI don’t think I’ll get to them until after Snow is out. Hopefully a solid week of focus will be enough to get Thinking Machine ebook out, then I can spend some time between editing drafts of the Invasion Novel to code the rest of them. Other than those ebooks, I don’t have much to offer an online audience for now. It’ll probably be that way for a while. Maybe when I can get out to events again, I’ll find more things worth posting about. It’s all editing and introspective for the next couple of months.

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