Turntable Troubles – Part One

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20190618_220506Just a note before you start in on this meaty post. I wrote this behemoth and actually cut it down some, but it was still super long. Rather than cut more, I thought it may be fun to try doing a rare multi-part post. This one should only be two parts, so I’m not getting carried away, yet.

Over the last five or so years, I’ve looked at some of the odd things I’ve wanted (like an old stereo and a MiniDisc player) and decided to get one thing a year for myself around my birthday. I don’t do it every year, especially since I can’t always find what I’m looking for and when it comes to old electronics, it pays to be patient. This is the story of the last present I got for myself.

7899c6d913b9052627eed2ec2f2a91c4My family had some particular milestones for the kids as we got older. Though, what I look back on as milestones could have just been every day happenings to the rest of the family. We each got a job at 15/16 to start saving for our own cars. When we were about high school age, we got to repaint, redesign our rooms (to an extent). And, as grew up, we got increasingly more capable tape players (and eventually stereos).

As a really little kid, I had a simple tape player. (I made a post about it a while back). Years later, my parents bought me a portable stereo. I forget the actual model (it may have been a Panasonic, but memories are terrible and can’t be trusted). It had independent scroll wheels for volume that would drive me nuts, but I loved it. I wore out tapes in that machine.

5e4e2f70c075edbf4b429941b1ddcffb.jpeg.220x220At an age that I can’t remember now (but was probably about the time when I was going into high school), I got an actual stereo unit. It was an all in one system with a CD player and separate speakers. My parents went out one dark evening and picked it up at a Zellers or Kmart as a display unit.

All three sons went through that progression. The stereo unit that I had was a Yorx brand. I had asked for one with a turntable, but by then, turntables were getting less common and my parents talked me out of it. Looking back, I doubt I missed anything not having that turntable as a teenager.

Eventually, after my oldest brother got a job and a car, he bought himself a new stereo. It was a real system with individual components, a dual tape deck, and a five disk changer. It was slick. Eventually he moved out and got a new receiver and was nice enough to give me his old stereo. It’s the same one I have now.

Over the years, I ended up getting a turntable to go with the system, but it was a cheap one. Then, while browsing the internet for no particular reason, I discovered there was a turntable that went with the exact system that I had. I had to have it and thanks to an ebay search, I found one.20211122_185808

The model that matched the stereo (a JVC) wasn’t top of the line when it was new, but older turntables tend to be better built than even the newer mid range models (or they are the same design with a new colour). I fingered it couldn’t be any worse than the cheep one I already had (unless it was in really bad shape) but it still took me a while to eventually pull the trigger.

Continued in Part Two next Thursday

3 thoughts on “Turntable Troubles – Part One

  1. Author Edmond Gagnon

    You sound like an ‘old’ guy. I feel your pain. I gave up on LP’s and my turntable when CD’s came out, but now they’re going by the way of the Dodo Bird. And when we bought our ‘smart’ tv we learned it wasn’t intelligent enough to accept our stereo and surround sound system. We now have an AVR that controls everything…except for my 6 CD changer that sounds like it’s on the way out. And today’s technology is supposed to be better than ever?

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