Writing To Music

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2020-06-11-imageI’m no musician, but music has always played a big role in my life. I really struggle when I don’t have music playing when I sit down to write. I’m sure I’ve mentioned many times that some days I spend as much time choosing what to listen to while I write as I do actually writing. A few times when Adventure Worlds was getting started, I would forget to bring headphones with me when the group got together to write. It seems a little pathetic, but I would really struggle on those days. Eventually, I bought a cheap pare of earbuds to keep in my backpack so that I always have some when I go out writing. (Not that I’ve been able to do that for some time).

I definitely caught the music bug from my family. My house was always filled with music. My mother played music throughout the day and I have distinct memories of her  in the living room listening to records after she put us to sleep. (I know because I was almost always awake long after being put to bed). My dad played guitar and would sing to us. Both my brothers had big CD collections and would play music while they did homework or studied. And (as I’ve mentioned many times) my brother is a musician. It seems like there was always music in my life. As soon as I got a job, my first purchase was a portable CD player. I would pick out my music for the day in the mornings before riding my bike to school.

s-l300Like my brothers, I always had music on when I did homework (when I did homework at all). When I was in university, I would use music to block out the rest of the world when I studied. I couldn’t pay attention without it. I’m in awe of the work ethic of some of my friends. Arvin, for example, has always been a dedicated guy who put time and effort into the things he liked and the things he wanted to learn. Before I figured out how to sit and do work (whether I liked the work or not) I couldn’t understand how he did it. The kicker is that he does it all in silence. He actually find music distracting while he works. (Or at least he did. I don’t know how he feels about it now).

But, I’m just using him as an example. My point is that everyone is different but those who are different than me are confusing and wrong. Music is like fuel for me. It makes work easier and keeps me going. When I write, I tend to hear the songs just long enough for it to put me in the right frame of mind, then they fade out with the rest of the world. The music is like a mood setter both for me and for the story I’m writing (or editing). I have gotten to the point where I can write to silence or even a loud group of people at a coffee shop, but it’s still a lot more difficult than when I have some sweet tunes on in the background. For that reason, music is a necessity for me when I write. I can be a catchy pop song, classical orchestra, or synthetic club jam. Whatever music suites the story and my mood.

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