Ben (and his Brother) VS the Earwigs

giphyBlog Post No. 450

Christian has a horror novel called Infested (at least the working title was Infested, I’m not sure what it’s called now). Not to give anything away, but it had big bugs in it and it was super creepy. While he was writing it, he decided that the bugs in question would look like earwigs, but much larger. The reason he chose earwigs out of all the creepy, crawly, critters out there, is that the earwig is among the most unsettling to look at. Over the last week (and weekend) my entire life was consumed with stoping an infestation of my own. And you’ll never guess what critter I had to deal with (unless you can put two and two together, or you read the title of this post).

That’s right. Earwigs. They were coming into my room in droves. Just writing about them now gives me phantom tingles all over my body. I noticed on Tuesday night, not long before I was heading to bed) that one of my windows was covered in the insects. I went to check the second window, and was greeted with the same horror show. My brother helped me kill the ones we saw, then we attempted to come up with quick solutions to stop them from continuing to come in.

giphy-1I have to point out that my brother put in a ton of work to help me stop the infestation. He dug up the yard outside my windows, helped me clean, and went out to buy supplies to try and stop them. All the home remedies I tried didn’t do anything and eventually I taped plastic wrap over the windowsills. Eventually, a friend of my brother came by and sprayed since he was in the neighbourhood anyway, and the onslaught nearly completely stopped. I still have some diatomaceous earth in the sill and plastic up. Just in case. And I’m still dealing with the ones that are already inside the room.

I pulled everything away from the walls, cleaned everything (catching as many as I could) and emptied my closet. They are sneaky buggers. One was in the drawer with my t-shirts and one was behind a picture frame. I caught a bunch, but they are really good at hiding and the ones in the room seem to come out really late. I put out a couple of sticky traps and a home remedy trap, but the buggers seem to be good at avoiding them. I’ve never put a ton of stock in home remedies, but when you’re desperate, you’re willing to try anything.

giphy-2The kicker is that I got almost no work last week. I was tired and stressed and the little time I had after cleaning and bagging my clothes, I wasn’t up to sitting down at the desk and editing. I keep feeling them on my legs while writing this post. So, the third draft has been delayed. Since my room is still torn up, I think I can get back to work this week. I’m sleeping on the couch, though, so I’ll still be a little tired. It’s been stressful and frustrating, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. At least they aren’t still getting in. Now I have to round enough of them up that I won’t be stuck sleeping with them for the foreseeable future. And don’t think the irony of me writing a book about an invasion while being invaded by insects is lost on me. It’s just not very amusing when you’re in the middle of it.

9 thoughts on “Ben (and his Brother) VS the Earwigs

  1. Vanessa Shields

    there are soooo many this season – what the heck?! our yard has loads…a few in the house…but usually brought in on a towel or flip-flop. i’m sorry for your infestation. they’re sooo creepy and crawly! like they’re laughing at you with their little smug pointy faces…glad the worst is over!

    1. I didn’t imagine it was personal, but now I can’t not picture them laughing at me.
      It’s kind of good to hear they are everywhere, not that I want anyone else to go through this.

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