Morning, Noon, and Night

Blog Post No. 443

giphy-2I’ve picked myself up off the floor, dusted my myself off, and gotten back to work. It’s only a start, but I feel like I’m rebuilding the routine with editing the Invasion Novel. I’ve said it many times, but routine is everything to my productivity. With a good routine, I can get a lot of work done with time to spare. I still have to get back into the daily workouts. As little as they were, I felt good getting at least that much done regularly, and having the novel and novella to write helped me keep at it (and vice versa). Getting a little exercising in helps with sitting in front of the computer for hours at a time, too. It’s nice to feel like I’m building some steam again, but I’m not necessarily out of the woods.

I have some regret in the pit of my stomach that I haven’t been able to shake for the last couple weeks. I had a nice chunk of time in April to get some short story writing done, but I completely failed to do anything. Sure, sometimes it’s important to take a break, but my break was too long and now that I’m in editing mode (almost, I’m still sinking to the right depth of my brain) I feel like I missed a good opportunity. I’m going to have a hard enough time getting two or three drafts done before August (when I start the yearly novella). Trying to get any shorts written before then is unlikely. Or is it?

alarmclockI’ve been thinking about the days when I’ve been able to write on my own in the morning and still manage to get out with folks and write or edit in the evening. Maybe I can get my editing done during the day and work on a short story in the evenings? There is no way I’ll be able to do it every day. Even though I’m not currently burdened by the day job, I do have other commitments some days. Being stuck at home won’t help. I’ve been able to work fourteen plus hours in a day when it was broken up between two (or three) jobs and I got to change locations. Even though I can’t go out and meet folks at a coffeeshop or at one of their houses, hopefully the change of pace between morning and night (with time in between to do other things) will be enough.

Maybe it won’t be enough and I’ll have another started story sitting on my hard drive to show for it, but I think it’s worth an attempt. I have three or four short story ideas that are burning a hole in the back of my head and while switching back and forth between the editing brain and writing brain can be a challenge, it would be nice to flex that creative muscle after spending months editing Break/Interrupt and jumping into the behemoth of a novel. I would also like to have at least one short story in my back pocket in case an opportunity arises.

giphy-3I’m going to think of this as an experiment. Last year, I was able to (eventually) get going on daily writing with the novel and continued right into the novella with some reasonable success. This could potentially be another step in my journey. Even if I fail, I can at least say I tried and desperately attempt to convince myself that I did what I could and rid myself of the guilt of wasting that time in April. Or it will just add to the growing pile and it will take an older and wiser Ben to finally rid myself of it. Either way, it’s more fun to write than edit.

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