On Order

Blog post No. 437

9mhgb8oI’m once again in a holding pattern while I wait for the sample copies of Break/Interrupt to ship. It’s never fun to get to a point when you feel like you’ve finished a project to have it come to a screeching halt because of something out of your control. I’m so close, but still at the mercy of the printer and shipping company. The process is always a bit wonky, too. Like with most things, you get a tracking code when the books are finished but with every book I’ve ordered the status never seems to change until the books have actually been delivered, then it all updates at once. It’s a little frustrating, but what are you going to do?

I was hoping to get the sample books in by the end of this week, but I forgot to take the long weekend into account. I may have been a little optimistic in the first place. Everything is a little slower due to the ongoing pandemic. I’m still hopeful that they will come in next week. (It’s not like I can check the progress with the shipping company).

b4b6a0e3a57001defa53fe474d5ee4f6If everything looks good with the samples, I’ll put in a real order and have another agonizing wait for them to print and ship. By then, the book will be available to order online or at any store, though. I’ll figure out how I want to distribute them when I have them in hand. I don’t need that extra stress when I’m on the edge of my seat, waiting to see if the samples are good or not.

Like I said, I will make sure they are available at some local stores. Biblioasis is the obvious one. All my other books are there, though you may have to ask for them since the last time I went in (this time last year when I dropped off copies of Broadcast Wasteland) they were rearranging the layout and I was told my books were in the back. Once it’s less risky to be out and about, I’ll put together a bunch of shipping orders for friends who have asked, too.

giphyAs for other release stuff like a virtual event, I really haven’t put much thought into it. I should do something, a reading or q&a, but the thought of putting in any kind of work for what will likely be a pathetic turnout is disheartening. I’m probably being overly pessimistic, but I’m not a big fan of video chats and the like. If I can think of something interesting that has a chance of actually boosting sales, I’ll give it a go. Otherwise, I’ll likely wait for a friend to suggest something and glom onto whatever they do. In the mean time, I struggle to stay productive as I wait by the door in eager anticipation (like a dog waiting for their owner to come home after a long day).

2 thoughts on “On Order

  1. Author Edmond Gagnon

    I share your frustrations with the shipping dilemma…each party makes is sound like the fault of the other until Presto, your book is delivered.

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