Sharpening the Knife

Blog Post No. 419

tenorWhile Christian has been going over the latest draft of Break/Interrupt, I’ve been working on the ebook (still). I’ve made some good progress, but the deeper I dig, the more mistakes I find in my current attempt. It’s gotten to the point where I have a single major issue remaining and I’m going to (hopefully) fix it by redoing the whole thing with new encoding. That means creating a new file and moving all the code over, then reviewing my code looking for places where I can replace old tags with new one. (Tag being the wrapper for the content i.e. <p class=”first”>content</P> for a paragraph). It’s more complex than that, but really not by much.

I was getting stressed out with the ebook and the one step forward, two steps back I’d been making, so I took the weekend off. I did a few little things like a load of laundry and some other minor housework but most of my time was spend playing games with my brother and watching some streamed TV. It was nice in the moment, but on Sunday night I got all stressed out about the things I had to do and I wrote out a list in order to put my mind at ease enough to get some sleep.

larfleeze01On that list was using what I’ve gotten from Christian’s edit to do more cutting in the new novella. I was feeling pretty confident that I had left only what was important to the story (plus a large four chapter section that is really only there as a connecting thread to the other books). Looking back at it now, I may have been a little too precious. I’m waiting for him to get back to me with the whole picture, but it’s looking like I should be a little more ruthless with the first act of the book. It’s okay. That’s a totally normal part of the process. It just means more work.

I don’t want to do too much before he gets to the end, but I can (and should) get started while I have some time. Plus, it’s a little break from the ebook. There is still a lot to get done with it before I have the next big task—deciding distribution. I plan on getting the whole Synthetic Albatross series in ebook form as quickly as possible (using the Thinking Machine file as a template like I do with the layouts). Hopefully that will mean the subsequent books will be out faster (and with fewer headaches).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI want to thank fellow author Jason Abbott for answering my call for assistance. He’s another hard working sci-fi author who I’ve met on WordPress and he’s farther ahead in the digital space. I asked him to send me the coding for his cover (since that’s where I’m most stuck) and he obliged (very quickly). His wife does his coding and while I only got a little snippet, it’s much cleaner than mine. Make sure to check out his stuff. He’s recently announced that he’s making another push to release some of his longer content, so now is a good time to see what he has to offer.

Okay.  Back to ebooking and editing and all my other most favourite things. At least the end result of pushing through the pain is all that precious gain that supposedly is waiting for me on the other side.

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