Gaming with Friends

Blog Post No. 417

baby-safety-manual-23Last week I finished off the third draft of Break/Interrupt and (like passing off a mewling baby) handed it over to Christian for review. There is still a lot of editing left to do, but other than more potential cuts, the story is pretty well set. With the novella out of my hands, I am trying to be productive in other ways without diving into another project that will have to be put on hold when I get the edit back. At the top of the list is coming up with some good ideas for the cover so that Glen Hawkes can turn my scribbles into something cool.

I’m grateful that he’s agreed to do the cover again especially since he’s so busy with making labels for Chapter II Brewing Company, working on a video game, and his day job (among a bunch of other things). The guy is even busier than I feel like I am. We still have to get the next issue of Bowling Ball done too, but we’re waiting for when we can get together in person to go over the script (so that may be a while).

0b81887740c74ab567f1ddca97bb6061The other thing I spent some time on was the ebooks. I know I said months ago that I would be trying to pick away at them in the evenings, but my good intentions were for not. I did get a pass done on Thinking Machine, though. There were (and probably still are) typos that needed fixing. As for the ebooks themselves, I’ve once again run into the same obstacles as the last time I’ve tried to make them.

I can take the easy route and end up with formatting issues or I can do it the hard way and get totally lost in the code. I’m trying to find a middle ground this time. If I can’t manage it, I may brake down and pay someone to do it right. But that wouldn’t happen after more months of floundering. Is it so bad to want something to be done right? Like, just let me indent the first line of a paragraph except for the first paragraph in the chapter. It shouldn’t be so hard.

among-us-crewOn a lighter note, I spent Sunday night playing an online game with some friends around the country (though mostly in the GTA). It was a simple game that’s popular right now (Among Us) where everyone is a crew of a spaceship and one of the group is an imposter trying to kill everyone off without being detected. As dark as that sounds, it’s all cutesy and was a lot of fun. Part of the joy came from spending some time with friends who I don’t get to talk with enough anymore. I’m a big fan of game nights, even online, and I hope we get to do it again. In my experience, the best games are co-op and the best time I have playing video games is sitting on the couch with my brother working towards a shared goal.

But I have to get back to my current goal of banging my head against the wall until I manage to figure out how to do ebooks properly. Either action results in a headache.

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