Blog Post No. 415

aaaabexrh9voxsvo3vzzmq03t1kfdtc8mbuk3w9qsxvq1tthxfxerus1kpv42z488bbhijezamp1zzeddshxz8yn0kroqbrptqt0ipsselhka0nexxflI’ve been spending the majority of my out-of-work time hiding in the basement. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a really nice place to be, but I’ve come to realize that all the plans I had to get out and ride my bike or take walks are not going to happen before the winter strikes. I did go for some rides down the many awesome paths near the parkway and in the LaSalle area. The problem was that everyone else had the same idea and it was impossible to keep a safe distance from them (since no one else seemed to be concerned).

I have been keeping somewhat active. I have a little two set workout that I try to get in every day (my longest consecutive run lasting several months). But, last Saturday I mowed the lawn, taking the time to mulch all the leaves, and while it was chilly (and I had a headache) I thoroughly enjoyed the time outside.

I’ve never minded mowing the lawn. The heat in the summer can get to me, but really, it’s a nice walk with a little effort pushing the mower around. In autumn, on beautiful days that are just crisp enough to need gloves and a hoodie, the chore isn’t much of a chore at all. It’s more a nice time with some light activity. Since the house is on a corner lot and the lawn is a decent size (and there are a lot of leaves this time of year) I was out there for over an hour. (Though some of that time was waiting for the much busier than average traffic).

rs-144906-bc68ab7f1e2616a4c6bfbc3f04b12636be22ed99I listened to some awesome albums from high school (Foo Fighters and Matthew Good Band this time) thought about life (reminiscing about old feelings) and let the autumn sun wash over me. (I think I haven’t gotten enough vitamin D this year. Generally I need to avoid the sun due to health stuff, but I was sun avoidance champ this year).

With the second draft of Break/Interrupt done, I was thinking about the story (still a lot to trim) and other stories in general. Strangely, I had the urge to start a project. I think it was the mix of light exercise, nostalgic thinking, and music from my youth that did it. I had to remind myself that I was knee deep in a project with the novella with the long suffering Invasion Novel waiting to go. It was a strange feeling that was hard to shake. Even more strange was how quickly it faded after coming inside and taking a shower. I had a few chapters left of the second draft, but the headache got worse and I saved the work until Sunday.

giphyI finished, though. Didn’t cut as much as I’d hopped, but there is always the next draft. I have to balance speed with thoroughness. I want to get it out to folks soon, so I don’t have to rush so much on the back end. Anyway, that’s what’s next. Maybe I can get some evening walks around the block in, too. It wouldn’t be in the daylight, but the cold doesn’t bother me much and the solitude is what really counts.

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