Kitten Bomb

Blog Post No. 413

b-ue1aaciaa599rIt’s been a week since my last post, somehow. In a year with not a lot to say, for some reason, last week was even less worthy of a blog post. I kept up my struggle with editing Break/Interrupt (yay) making some progress but not enough. I had a nice video hang out with Arvin over the weekend. I, uh. I’m not really sure what took up the rest of my time. Part of the problem is that my routine has been shaken up and I’m really good at blaming that for my lack of motivation. Another part is that nothing is really happening and it’s a miracle that I’ve been able to come up with topics each week up to this post. And finally, I still haven’t been able to get my feet under myself after that three month marathon of daly writing.

There isn’t much I can do about nothing happening, but I could get my butt into gear with the editing. By now, I should be getting ready to hand it off to friends for review, but I’m nowhere near close enough to do that. As for the routine, with a kitten who needs a lot of attention in my care during the day, I have to save up my work time for the evenings and I’m having trouble getting started. After having a meal, I sit down at the keyboard anywhere from 5:30 in the evening to 7 depending on what else is going on.

20200928_220441I’ve tried getting some work done during the day while the kitten sleeps, but as soon as I open the laptop, he think’s I’ve grabbed his favourite toy and it’s play time. He is getting better week by week, but he still needs to be watched and he loves to sit on laps when he sleeps, so I tend to read or watch movies. I signed up for it, so I’m not upset that I’m saddled with hanging out with a cute, cuddly, baby murderer. It just changed the routine and I am still not using my available time wisely.

I miss working in the daytime. Before the pandemic, I had gotten used to post day job evening writing, but I had the added advantage of going out to meet friends at a coffee shop. I may be going a little stir crazy stuck at home now that the sun is going down earlier (and earlier). I guess that means I should force myself to go for some walks or something. This whole year has been weird (for everyone and I’m aware it’s been said before). This is usually the time of year that I have stuff to report on the blog. Not having anything feels particularly strange. Maybe if I had the second draft done, I wouldn’t be in this pickle. Once again, it’s my own darn fault. At least the kitten is adorable (when he’s sleeping).

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