Blog Post No. 411

569671a05af48I blew it. After a couple of months of daily writing, chalking up a ton of words (way too many words) I took a break and now I’m struggling. I don’t say it all the time, but I read a simple phrase in a book once that stuck with me. If you slow down, you’ll crash. Its not always true, but in this instance, it was. As soon as I took my foot off the pedal, I crashed. I’m not sure if I could have kept it going much longer, but the reality is that now I have to pick up the pieces and start building momentum all over again.

There is something to be said for editing being much less fun that writing. Writing is challenging and time consuming, but creating without much pressure beyond moving the story forward is a pretty good time. With editing, you have to fix stuff, cut stuff, and make what you wrote somehow good. It’s all pressure and while it can be a good feeling to see a rough section of a story in a much better state, it’s more like finding a toy in a box of “healthy” cereal versus writing’s eggs and bacon that you had to make yourself.

hqdefaultMaybe I’m going a bit stir crazy having come up with a breakfast metaphor. I hope it makes sense. The point is that editing isn’t as fun as writing which is sometimes also not fun. That’s part of why I’ve stumbled along with losing the momentum which was fading on its own anyway.

The biggest hurdle I’ve always faced with getting any work done has always been starting it. I’ve said it before, that when I write, I am aware of myself thinking and typing out the words for a few sentences, maybe a coupe of paragraphs, then I’m transported into the story. I’m not sure how much more vivid my imagination is than the average. I’m tempted to say it’s above average, but I wouldn’t even know how to figure it out. For writing, it’s a bit of a blessing. I can push forward until the story takes over and I’m just transcribing what I’m experiencing.

giphyIt’s not always that easy and I often get tripped up by searching for the right way to word something (or for just the right word). Compared to editing, though, it’s more of a ride. Editing is work. It’s facing your shortcomings and trying to overcome them. It’s seeing that what you loved in the moment is flawed. And the deeper you go with the drafts, it shows you that even after reading a manuscript for a dozen times or more, you will still find mistakes.

It is humbling on top of being a challenging grind. I have to do it, though. A story isn’t finished until it’s been edited and is ready to be read by the public. I have a lot of work to do with both the Invasion Novel and Break/Interrupt. It’s a big hill to be staring up at. It has to be done, though. I just have to force myself to keep going until the routine reasserts itself and I can ride the wave a bit.

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