Blog Post No. 406

f7c213601464d8e59c3b65772519df8dIt’s been over a month since I started writing Break/Interrupt and I’m not finished. I think I’ve done well, though. I wrote every day and after 31 of them, I was at 37 000 words. That’s good. That’s almost a good novel pace. I’m not closing in on the end of the story, though. And that’s bad. Once again, the story is too long and it’s taking me too much time. Not that there is much I can do about it but keep writing and try to focus on the goal with as little extraneous writing as possible. Its the same problem I had with the Invasion Novel and I had hoped to make better progress at being efficient with my writing. I have a mountain of editing ahead of me, and the length of the novella is adding to it.

I suppose that as long as I can cut it down to at least match Neon and Broadcast‘s 44 000 words, I’ll be okay with the extra length. With as long as it is now and how much more I have to write, that’s going to be tough, though. I may have to settle for keeping it under 50 000.

200I think the general consensus of my writing pals is that I should just make it a novel. (At least that was what Christian said). It was the same thing with Neon and Broadcast and I got it even more when I brought them to the Write On Windsor group. The best answer I have is because it’s a novella and part of a novella series. I don’t want it to be a novel. I feel like that’s explanation enough.

As I said, for now I’m going to keep going and try to reign it in as I wrap up what’s left. After that I’m going to dive right into editing. I had hoped to be done by the end of August and get a few drafts of editing done in September. I still hope to get the book to folks in October for review, but it may not be October first. I’m really going to have to sharpen my hatchet for the early drafts, too. As they say (and Elly Blake has reminded me) kill your darlings. Hopefully it’ll be good practice for editing the novel.

giphy-2Thankfully I have lots of time before the planed April release of Break/Interrupt, but the more time I spend on it, the less time I have for a other things. The plan was to get it done faster (to get everything done faster). I’ve been able to write more in a shorter time (partially thanks to being at home for the last six months) but editing is half the process and if the book is longer than it should be, editing will take more time. I had hoped to get both the novella and the Invasion Novel to good places (say a clean six drafts) by the end of the year, but that’s not looking possible. It was a lofty goal, but I do have to consider starting the next novel (and sooner than next summer if I can).

I’m not sure what my next year will look like and plans often change, but for now, I have to just keep taking as much advantage of my time as I can.


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