Virtual Launch – Tomorrow

Blog Post No. 404

117683921_337019071017620_2351180101954076933_nI messed up. I was so surprised by the news last week that I wrote a post about not going back to the Day Job for the rest of the year when I should have made a post about the virtual launch that Adventure Worlds Press is doing tomorrow (Friday August 14th). Since we released three books this year and we haven’t been able to do traditional launches we decided to put together something online. It’s strange to think that the book I’m promoting, Broadcast Wasteland, came out in April, but since time has lost all meaning in the pandemic, I’m sure it’s fine that I’m launching it now.

Even through most of the people who were eager to read it already have their copies, I’m sure there are others who either didn’t know it was out or didn’t have a way of getting it. Broadcast Wasteland, along with the other books in the series, The Thinking Machine and The Neon Heart are all available online, but the price is rather high and some folks are less inclined to shop online when so many local businesses are struggling. Therefor I’ve finally managed to get copies over to Biblioasis, so people can head there to buy one and I’m sure they’ll be able to order it for you if they (somehow) run out of copies.

2020 Releases 1My book isn’t the only one being officially launched, either. The new edition of Christian Laforet‘s The Space Between Houses also came out in April (now including new stories) and Britni Brinn‘s new book, A Place That Used to Be, the sequel to Patch Project, came out just last month. All three of us will be positing readings (possibly ahead of time since we weren’t able to all be on a streaming video together without spending money on external programs that, speaking for myself, looked too complicated to figure out in the short amount of time we had). There will also be Questions and Answers, providing that questions are asked. Britni has be prompting for questions for a while, so she will probably be answering some. If I get any here or on facebook, I’ll add them into my reading video, unless there are enough to facilitate a video of their own (which I doubt).

We made an event page on the Adventure Worlds Press facebook page, and while we may be posting things in places other than that, everything should be available on there. It’s the place where we’ll be checking to join in on any discussions, answer questions not answered in the videos, and what not. There’s still time to join the event and get notifications when the videos go up. I think we came up with a schedule that’s on there too, so, check it out.

7030dbe920f53e68dc5fbb51c357ab26In other news, I’m still working on Break/Interrupt, making progress, trying to include all the ideas that I wanted to in the first place. It’s coming along, but like all things, it’s going to need a good edit and several drafts to make it shine. I am on track to get the first draft done before the end of the month, though. So, that’s nice. Hopefully you’ll check out our virtual launch tomorrow and you’ll get some enjoyment out of the videos (I really tried on this one)!

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