A Novel Success

Blog, No. 402

variableforcefulivorybackedwoodswallow-max-1mbSuccess can be measured in different ways and often comes with it’s own shadows of failure. At the most basic sense, the first draft of the Invasion Novel is finished and that’s one bit of success. How long it took me, how overly long it is, how much work there it to make it readable, are all realities that come along with it, but I did it. It’s done (for now) and that’s an accomplishment. As I said last week, my plan (as it stands in the instant that I’m writing this) is to let the draft sit for August and September while I write and edit the next novella.

If thing work out well, I’ll have the first draft of Break/Interrupt done by the end of the month and I’ll get at least two more drafts of it done in September. Ideally I’ll get it off to the first beta readers then and start the very long and potentially difficult task of cleaning up and cutting down the Invasion Novel. In the end it reached 139 000 words. That’s way, way too long. My initial hope was to make the story somewhere near the 90 000 word mark. As it got longer (especially after I picked it up again this year) I thought it may end up being around 110 or 120 000 words which would mean that I had a lot of room to trim the fat and refocus the story.

tumblr_inline_mso6j4kxtf1qz4rgpAt almost 140 000 words and with some holes to be patched, cutting it down is going to be a lot of work. I still want it close to 100 000 words by the time I’m ready to sent it out to agents. Not and easy task. Editing something that long is going to take a lot of time. It won’t take so much time for novella beta reads, so there will definitely be some balancing of both tasks and finding the right boundaries. I don’t want the novella to suffer because I have so much work to do on the novel, but I also don’t want to spend another year editing this behemoth. Ideally, I’ll be finished at least when the Break/Interrupt is scheduled to be released in April of 2021. That way I can jump right into another novel for next summer.

I still have a long way to go with speeding up my writing. Managing to get over 80 000 words in four months is pretty good, but I did have to knock out 10 000 words over the last three days of July. I did it, though. I finished. It would be nice to break the 20 000 per month average, though. Especially since I wasn’t at the day job all that time.

i-like-funThat is all part of it, though, right? When I started seriously writing, I was happy to even reach 10 000 words. Now I’m expecting to get over 30 000 this month without too much trouble. (There will be some trouble, but getting over that 20 000 barrier is not impossible for a single month. I managed it last year for Broadcast).

For now, I’m having fun not worrying about the novel that consumed me for the last four months and cracking open a new story with Break/Interrupt. Starting is the fun part. We’ll see how I feel near the end of the month. I have a lot to do, and right now I have the time. I should get back to it.

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