Scratching out a Day

Blog No. 388

20200418_131556The last thing I wanted to do on this blog was to write a post (or several posts) about the quarantine. I’ve mentioned it in a couple of my previous posts, but my attempt was to do so only in regards to other topics (ie a book release, writing a novel, and being laid off). Now I’m in what feels like simultaneously a weekend and ten a year of being at home. My book is still out (and I’ve done a few deliveries to people in the city) I’m still writing the Invasion novel, and I’m still laid off. I’m also still having trouble sleeping, but magically, getting into a habit of reading before bed has helped a little there. Two birds, one stone. The problem is, that’s it. I watch too much TV and play too many video games (same as always but more) I spend more time making food, and, I go to bed and wake up and do it again.

I’m not unhappy. I am dealing with a little bit of ennui, but I had a certain amount of that from time to time anyway. I know I need to exercise more. That is one area where I have really fallen off. My point is that I have noting else to write about. Seriously this time. I’ve faced this situation before, but those times there was something on the horizon that I could point to. An event, a retreat, a reading. Therefore, I feel like I’m forced to write about the quarantine. Or, my quarantine experience. The thing is, what else is there to say?

imagesI wake up later than I want (even with going to bed earlier than I normally would on work days). I spend a good hour making and eating breakfast (something I look forward to every morning). I futz around until one when most of the writing group goes online to chat and work. I hit my word goal anywhere from two-thirty on a good day to four on a less productive one then debate between eating then or waiting a bit. I’ve found that I’m eating two meals in a day and trying to not snack late at night. I’m doing okay with it, but since I spend so much time just sitting, I don’t seem to need as many calories. Not that I know anything about nutrition other than I need more of it.

The rest of my day is split between watching TV, playing games, cleaning, doing what little paperwork I have from the day job and employment insurance, reading, and whatever else pops into my head. Again, I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining. When the weather gets a little warmer I’m sure I’ll spend a little more time outside, but really, I know it wont be much. I like sitting in my chair, playing a game or watching TV. As long as they are good versions of those. I’ve been reminding myself to work out, but I plain forget some days and talk myself out of it on others. I’ll have a good run, doing pushups, sit-ups, and squats, then I’ll realize I haven’t one day right before going to bed and reminding myself to try again the next day.


More than once, I’ve had to check what day it is. It’s a really weird time and I know I’m not the only one who feels like their in limbo. When days of the week are all the same, what do any of them matter? It must be what living in a retirement home is like, only I have a lot more freedom. Something to think about. I think I’ll wrap up my musings here. I hope it wasn’t boring (or too boring). It’s a bit of a mess of thoughts randomly jotted down, but that’s where my head is. Maybe next week I will have done enough on the novel to justify an update. Stay safe!

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