Sort of Limbo

Blog no. 377

c7e17c8992980dd425d5ade659cb25b6Broadcast Wasteland is in the hands of the first group of beta readers and there isn’t much I can do for the book now other than wait for them to finish and try to rope some other poor saps into joining the next round. The layout (being practically identical to Neon Heart) is all but done. The cover image is waiting for the layout to be finished so that I can get the cover template from the printer. The book has to be at least at the printers before I do any sort of social media push (and/or getting the book and info to the usual places), but the content for that is mostly ready. I know I have potentially hundreds of other things I could should be doing both with writing and outside of it, but picking up that torch when I am waiting to be handed several back at any time is worrisome.

I suppose there’s the social media banner to figure out, plus I have to find a way to bundle the books both price wise and in some physical form. There’s also the looming threat of the novel to get my head around, but that’s a knot I want to focus on completely when I get to it, not approach it in fits and starts. I did manage to get a first pass of a layout done for Christian (at work on Sunday (don’t tell)). It went more smoothly than I had expected, but I’m getting more comfortable with the process, and I have usable templates with the previous books I’ve done (just like with the novella series). Having a lot to do without an obvious path is really strange. I suppose it’s the same as when you get busy and then have a whole house to clean. The options of what to do first (or next) can be as overwhelming as the workload.

8db162cfd194e8b7d51b84ea5390ab93Usually the answer for me is lists. I suppose that was the answer this time too. I have a sinking feeling I’m missing something there, though. I got that notebook that I have been carrying with me every day to replace the stacks of loose paper and create a single location for those things. It’s helped as a single place for those kinds of lists and notes and I’m waiting for some natural organization to form, but I suspect that’s going to take some time (and maybe a few notebooks). The day-planner is still my haven. I don’t use it as religiously as I could, but I keep track of my work schedule and appointments in there, referring to it multiple times a day. It’s the page beside the weeks that I try to fill with all the things that are to be done or in progress that doesn’t always get filled in.

Why have a notebook to carry when you have a spot in your day planner? I suppose they serve different functions. The notebook is mostly for reminders, ideas, and less important or timely things that I don’t want to forget. The planner is for rigid organization, things in need of immediate attention or action, and long term lists that only change as protects get finished and new ones take their place. Also, there isn’t a lot of space to brainstorm, sketch out ideas (poorly), or ramble. I still use scraps of paper for my grocery list, though. Something that is so mutable and impermanent doesn’t work in the notebook. As things get scratched off and new things added, it becomes a mess and has to be rewritten. I tried a couple of apps to “simplify” the process, but they went as well as you can expect.

defending_2-1535140170-726x388-1What was I saying? Oh, yeah. Limbo. I’ve been tentatively dipping my toes into a few different ponds, but with the reviews from the beta readers looming, its tough to commit to anything. I do have to get a few more willing souls, though. Time is running short and as I mentioned last week, I want to put as little pressure on people as possible. I suppose I could do a little more prep on the layout. It’s odd to get together with my writing friends and do layout stuff when they’re writing or editing. (Odd for me, I doubt they care). It feels like wasting time, even though it isn’t. It all has to be done in the end. Time to revisit my lists. I still feel like I’ve missed something.

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