Working on a Monday

Blog No. 373

558b55faecaf06842becbb8fff7104dfI can hear some (maybe one) of you now. You look up at the title and mutter to yourself, ‘so what?’ Who doesn’t work on a Monday, right? I don’t. Not normally. I work for a rental place (a place where the public can rent a room for events) and it makes way more sense for us to work Tuesday to Saturday than the “normal” Monday to Friday. I know way more people in a variety of jobs who don’t do the “normal” week. But that’s just a little side complaint from me. The whole concept of the dreaded Monday gets under my skin way more than what’s reasonable. What about the forgetful Saturday, the timid Wednesday, or the exaggerated Sunday? Day jobs can suck any day of the week. Sure, weekends are awesome, when you get them. When your days off are Monday and Wednesday with the occasional Sundays, the system breaks down.

But that’s a lot of chasing my own tail. I was in on Monday, so I started the blog post early for the week. There was a rental at the day job, so I went in and sat at the desk. Days there vary from tomb-like solitude to kids-at-a-birthday-party-just-after-the-cake-like insanity, but with adults and more threats to have my job. (Just an aside, but do any of the people who “know the boss” really think the boss would be happy that their friendship is being used to intimidate or threaten their staff? Especially since the relationships are usually not so friendly). Mondays are usually on the far side of tomb-like so I felt like taking care of the blog post would be a good way to kill some time.

Sure, I could be editing or working on one of the many short stories I started over the last year (and a bit). I find it difficult to write fiction at the day job, though. I think it’s because I can’t sink deeply enough into my imagination when I have to keep an ear on the phone and an eye on my boss’ door. I doubt I’d get into much trouble. Everyone here knows that I write and my actual work always comes first. It’s a job where there are things to do when they come up, though. I used to look for things to do, but I would get chastised for taking initiative, so I learned to stop doing that. I don’t grumble when I’m asked to do things (even when they are not technically in my job description (duties as assigned is an evil phrase)) so people don’t have many bad things to say about me (as an employee anyway). nzu2igxI often get praise for doing the few tasks I have as soon as I’m given them. Apparently that’s a rarity at my company.

Still, I haven’t cracked the writing at work nut, yet. It’s part of why I can get this blog done so easily. I would rather write this than just about anything else at work. Not that it’s difficult for me to manage when I’m home. The routine of doing it at my desk is comfortable, though. Oh, yeah. I was going to write about how I was sick all weekend (just a cold, but still annoying). By Monday, I was just about fine. The trick is to sleep as much as you can, drink so much that you have to keep getting out of bed to go pee all the time, use nasal spray to help sleep at night, and triple your medication for three days as proscribed by your doctor. (That last one may not apply to everyone). Really, what your mother told you about drinking plenty of fluids and getting rest is the real magic. I had the rare luxury of having two days off in a row (thanks to the January drought at the day job) and that helps tremendously. I didn’t get any real work done, but I licked that cold in no time flat, and that’s totally worth two days in bed.

Oh, no. I finished on Monday. What am I going to do on Tuesday? Maybe I should give one of those short stories another try.

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