The Dark Time

Blog No. 363

tenorI’ve written many times before about my disdain for Daylight Saving Time. It’s stupid and terrible and, sure we “fell back” last weekend, but I still hate it. The think I most dislike about winter (one of the only things to be honest) is how dark it gets so early. With the clocks moving back, the sun starts to go down at five in the evening. By this time next month, that will be full nighttime. I’ve had a parent friend argue that the slightly brighter mornings is better for kids going to school. First off, I doubt it’s that big of a difference (though, I’m either up at seven to get to work or eight-thirty, so my personal experience is not the same and I honestly don’t know). More importantly, though, is my second point. I don’t care about your kids. Sure, I don’t actively wish them harm, but enough of the world revolves around them as it is. (Don’t get me started on school buses). People are legitimately affected by the early nights. What about them?

Whatever. It’s not going to change any time soon. It’s just dumb and I’m frustrated. Looking objectively at the weather we’ve been having, and I’m pretty content with it. We got a real autumn for the first time in a while and while it’s pretty cool in the mornings, I’ll take the season while it lasts. (I have a lot of leaves to deal with, though). I wish I could say it’s due to working so hard on my edits, but, while I am half way though the second draft most of the time sink has been vehicle trouble. It’s sorted now, but the cost and time spent was a pain. I’m not going to dwell on it, though, since I spent last week complaining about it. Instead I’ll complain about something else. How about the day job? It still sucks. Things have eased off a bit this month with the rentals. My hours are down, which is good and bad. It’s bad because I can use the money (especially after that truck repair) but things were too busy in October. A bit of a break and more time to work on writing stuff is good too.

euphoricevengoat-smallThe new computer system and new pay system and new everything is still making the daily work much more difficult than it has to be. It’s like having to bake a loaf of bread. You’ve used the same recipe for years and sure, maybe it’s nice to change it up a bit from time to time, but now you have to use this new device that’s not an oven. It does so many more things (and that’s nice) but it sucks as a means of cooking the bread. There are dozens more steps to take and if you do the slightest thing wrong it burns down your kitchen in a fiery blaze. Oh, and you have to now stop half way through to take a break, even if that means the dough won’t be kneaded and the bread will turn out really badly.

I don’t know if that metaphor works, but it’s the best I could come up with. Looking back on this post, it’s really negative. I’m not super bummed out or anything. I’m just a little frustrated by a bunch of things, and it adds up. The day job is meant to be a means to an end and take up as little energy as possible. The fact that it’s been such a hurdle both last year and this, sucks. Every job comes with crap and at least one crappy person. The amount that the person, or the corporate decrees, or the customers (i.e. the crap) varies. Right now, the crap is high. There is very little I can do about it, other than my original plan. Put as little stock in the day job as possible and put all my self worth and energy into the writing. I do my job well. It doesn’t take your ego to do that. I just do my best to leave all the frustration and crap there. I suppose I’ll just have to focus more on shaking it all off when I head home at the end of the day.

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