Another Week, Another Post

Blog no. 347

20190703_205824-1It look longer to get her this year than it has so far, but I’m at the point where I’m writing a big piece and not much else is going on. You already know I’m writing the Invasion Novel right now. It’s going okay. Obviously, I’m not giving it as much time and/or effort as I should (I never do). With the day job being what it is (been over that a lot lately) and with both Christian and Elly more busy with family things, I’m having to fit things in when I can and get used to some solo writing again (been three years since that was so common). Other than that, I’m working, still going to boxing once a week, playing D&D on game night (and some odd days as well), playing video games too much (got a pretty fun new one for less than ten bucks) and just, hanging out. I do have some tentative plans for the rest of the summer, but they are just wishful thinking right now. Mostly, I’m just plugging away on the book.

Really. I don’t know what else to talk about this week. I haven’t found the time to work on the minidisc players. Partially it’s also the space. I miss being able to just use my Dad’s workshop for things. I’m sure he’ll read this and send me a message telling me that I totally can (and should) but it’s more about the fact that he has always had a well equipped, well organized place for everything from tinkering to major renovations, and I was always able to slip in and work at whatever I wanted (usually just trying to fix a toy or something) as long as I put everything back the way it was (my own way of doing thing anyway). Eventually there’s going to be a nice spot for that in my bro’s house, but it’s lower down on the list of things to do. I do have my desk, but right now it’s cluttered with all kinds of things that need to be either filed, shredded, or otherwise dealt with.

20190325_161146_hdrWhich is another big thing I could/should be doing. I am overdue for a big shred and burn of old files and things. I could stand to do an overall purge of things if I’m honest. That’s the thing, though. There is always so much to do all the time, always. Everyone has the same list of cleaning, fixing, buying, purging, enjoying, working, and all the things. It’s never-ending. Not that it’s bad, but in a time were I basically have one major thing taking up the majority of my time and energy (majority of my free time) and a whole big list of other things nagging at the back of my head, there aren’t many interesting things to write about here.  So, this time I’m actually going to keep it short. Next event is the Genre Workshop, September 3rd at Gertrude’s Writing Room. I suppose I should get going on that too.

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