The Final Sprint & The Penultimate Stumble

Blog No. 330

img_20170409_135109_312You’re reading this on Thursday (or maybe not, but it’s posted on Thursday). That means tomorrow is the day I’m supposed to get The Neon Heart to the printer in a desperate attempt to get good copies in my hand for April 14th for the Sarnia Pop Culture Show. I say good because so far every first printing I’ve done with IngramSpark has had issues. Everything from falling apart in my hand to having the interior text shifted into the gutter. For some reason, everything after that first print run has been good (for the most part). Three weeks isn’t the best amount of time to leave for the setup, printing, and shipping, but my timetable was moved forward since I’m not going to Shock Stock this year (as I’ve said). The problem is, now I won’t be ready to even submit my final setup to the printer tomorrow.

Unfortunately, all the plans for the cover fell through. I was late contacting the person who was going to do it, he had some scheduling conflicts and emergencies, and we couldn’t make it work. Thankfully, my partner in crime and former animation student, Christian Laforet has come to my rescue. Unfortunately, I recruited him at the very last minute and he doesn’t have time to get the cover done for the deadline. (I didn’t ask him today, if that’s what you’re thinking, but it may as well have been). So, the chances that I’ll have the book for Sarnia are very slim. However, since I wasn’t there last year, I still have two new books available in All These Crooked Streets and The Thinking Machine. I would have liked to have The Neon Heart there too, and to test out my packaging ideas for a book one and two bundle. I’m pretty excited for the book. It’s the best thing that I’ve written, so far.

53417847_2328041523894055_8231555764838203392_nNow that my timetable is messed up (likely, there is a tiny chance I’ll get the books in time for Sarnia) I’m starting to think about what to do for the release. Initially, I was going to focus on an out-of-town release and do a small signing in Windsor in May. If I end up with the books mid April with no event scheduled for the rest of the month, I’ll have to do something to get the sales ball rolling. I had an idea recently of a signing/sale tour where I set myself up in different locations around the city for a few hours over the course of a couple days and have all the books at a discount. Something like a bringing the books to the people so everyone who tells me they’ve been meaning to pick it up will have the perfect opportunity to grab my books on sale in a convenient place. The first attempt fell through as the places I approached were not interested. Maybe, with a little more time, I can find some alternatives and improve on the idea. Or, maybe I’ll just do another reading.

If you are as excited for the release of The Neon Heart as I am, you can come to next Wednesday’s ChiSeries Reading at Phog and get a sneak peek. I’ll be one of the readers this time and I’ll be reading from the upcoming novella. I’ll be joined by MJ Gardner and Michael Drakich along with musician Brendan Scott Friel. That leaves Christian to do the solo host duty, so it would be nice for you to come out and show your support. If you do come (and you totally should) I may be a bit manic and distracted. It’s not you. I’m just losing my mind over getting this book finished. I’m at the point where I’m stating to hate it again (having read it in its entirety an easy dozen times). Though, your presence may be just what I need to pick up my spirits and keep myself plugging away.

2 thoughts on “The Final Sprint & The Penultimate Stumble

  1. foodtravelmovies

    I feel your pain, I’m reading Border City Chronicles for the dozenth time. I should have it back to Booklocker by days end and just waiting on the cover. Thankfully, I’ve had better luck with my proof copies…only once that I can remember finding something wrong on Ingram’s end. Good luck!

    1. I’d say good to know I’m not alone in getting sick of my own book. I hope your cover gets there on time. As for Ingram, I guess it’s just my luck. I’m looking forward to checking out your new book, Ed!

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