A Novel and ChiSeries

Blog No. 312

giphyI have officially started to write the Invasion Novel. Right from the first chapter I had some issues. I hope it’s just a bit of beginning a new book shakes, because I would hate to think I’m going to spend the next, however many thousands of words, second guessing every decision I make. I think I’ve solved the issue for now, but that’s based on my concept being a successful one. I have some interesting half chapters that are very different from the rest of the book that are designed to give me some fun interludes and to fill in some gaps in the complicated history. In order to get that history in without resorting to a lot of flashbacks or info dumps, I had to start the story a little earlier than I expected. That means the opening line (the one that was the basis for the whole story) has to be the opening to a later chapter.

It’s not the end of the world, but that does mean I have to restructure some of my plans for the book. I’m trying to pay close attention to how the story starts and what the main plot is really about. I don’t want to write a bunch of chapters that I ultimately throw out because they aren’t really relevant to the story and get in the way. If nothing else, I am trying to make sure they are interesting and funny as the book is intended to be a satire after all. That part is almost too easy, which comes with its own set of issues. Is it easy because I’m not doing it right (like a test that you thought you did well on, but completely misunderstood the topic)? Are the jokes lame or obvious (or just stolen from more funny people)? Plus, I want to mix in some real issues with the humor. A lot of the stuff I’m writing about in this book are things that I feel strongly about (or am very much tired of, at least).

img_20181023_175922_143Either way, I’m only a couple of chapters in and have a very long way to go. I’m kind of just stumbling forward at this point, hoping to make some progress and find my footing with so much else happening in my life. I’m sure most people can agree that the holidays come with their own set of challenges and time-sinks. With the day job and the last ChiSeries ever looming, podcasting progressing (and game building jumping on and off the back burner) I’m as frazzled as ever. Starting a new story is always daunting for me as well. There is something about the huge idea in your head and the blank page on the screen that is intimidating. I know I will never translate my idea perfectly, so the best thing to do is just start and know you can fix things later (even though when that time comes I want to do anything but).

As for the next and final ChiSeries of the year. Progress is going ahead, but I’m concerned that we will not have enough people signed up to read for us to justify the extended hours at Phog. There has already been some confusion for the schedule that day, so having the event be a flop would be really disheartening. There is still a lot to do, and there is a lot that I can do in terms of inviting folks personally. I’m going to do those things, but I want to hit that sweet spot of time where the event is far enough away that people can book it and close enough that they won’t forget (or change their minds). I’m really at about that spot now, so I should do that. We do have the judges booked and the trophies look amazing. As long as we get the people, it will be a fun (and slightly kooky) night. You should be there. Even if only in spirit (or on a webcam)!

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