ChiSeries Six (Third of 2018)

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42568138_10214183054183089_7439736676479401984_nLast week, when I was cocky and full of energy leading up to the ChiSeries Reading, I said I would wait a week to do a proper rundown of it since the event is on Wednesday nights and this blog goes up on Thursday. Now it’s been nearly a week and I’m tired and time moves so quickly in autumn (when I’m getting back on the productivity train). It feels like the reading was a year ago, and now I have to go over all the photos and try to piece together the evening. I think I can do it, it has only been a week. This may end up being a bit of a shorter post, though. Since last week was the longest post I’ve had in probably a year, it will certainly be shorter than that.But not if I don’t cut the rambling and get to the point. With the last ChiSeries of the year coming in November, and with it being the (hopefully) big annual fundraiser event, I was keen to do a little extra to get the numbers up for this reading. Since the task of coming up with the Facebook event banners has gone to Christian, he has come up with some really fun designs. I asked him if he could take the banner and reformat it into a poster. I printed off five of them and (though it took me way too long and several attempts for a few locations) I put them up in some key locations. I’m not sure if they helped much, but for the ten bucks it cost me, I’ll try it again for November. img_20180926_201457981This time I may bump the number up to eight poster. As it turned out, we didn’t have much of a change in attendance, but it may be a consistency thing. Some of the reading events a Phog are standing room only. I just need to tap into that crowd, somehow.

We started the night with a reading from Sharon Ledwith. She’s a local young adult author who is one of the most consistent supporters of her fellow authors in the area. I think she is also the most active online artist I know. The room was a little dim, and she mentioned it was an issue for her reading (I’ve certainly been there with the Toronto ChiSeries) but she started us off with am exciting reading from her newest series, img_20180926_204631078Mysterious Tales from Fairy Falls. she also brought not only a good chunk of our audience, but snacks and a prize for a draw!

Up next was Mick Ridgewell. He didn’t really fit in with the tone, but he did his best. Reading from his horror novel, he mad sure to add in a scene with a child to join in with the other readers. Mick is the guy who goes to every reading and supports every author. While he didn’t bring snacks, he did help out by engaging with everyone while Christian and img_20180926_211259124I were in the midst of running the show. He also was the one who got us in contact with our last reader.

I am ashamed to admit that I didn’t know we had a New York Times best selling author in the area. Elly Blake was nice enough to make the drive into Windsor and read at our little event. While she is well established as an author, it turns out she doesn’t do a lot of readings. You wouldn’t know it from hearing her that night, though. She anchored the night wonderfully, bringing things back to young adult reading from the first book of her FrostBlood Series.


Our musician for the night may not have a New York Times Bestseller, but he has opened for big acts like The Sheepdogs. Dave Russell is a local staple, playing nearly every night in a different venue. He also has an awesome band that you should know, because it’s awesome. Dave Russell and the Precious Stones is filled with a ton of local talent and well worth your time. As consummate professional, like all of the musicians we’ve had, he came in, did his thing, helped us out when needed (musicians are way better than me with the sounds stuff) rocked the room, and sped off to his next gig.

This one did end up being longer than expected, but I think I got in everything I needed in as short a post as possible. We didn’t have and increase in attendance but for such a small audience, we pulled in some good donations for the series. Everyone sold some books too (including me) but they were almost all to each other. Still, I’d call the night a success. We had a reading, Phog sold some drinks, and everyone got paid (excepting Christian and me, but we happily volunteer). This weekend, I’ll be in Kitchener for the Tri-City Con. I’m not sure what to expect, but it’s going to cost a bunch of money when all is said and done, so I’ll be pushing books like a madman. That’s likely what next week’s post will be about.


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