The Power of Imagination

Blog No. 304

tenorI’m not sure where to start this week. I don’t think there is anything new to tell you, but, maybe some things have new information (or deserve to be said again). I’m a little hesitant since I’m not sure if I’m just boring people with the same stuff over an over again, or if I somehow (with my magic powers of creativity) make the mundane aspects of my life remotely interesting. Or I could just be screaming into a vacuum like so many others. Either way, my first audience for everything I do is me, and I like to do this every week because sometimes just writing about what’s going on (even if it’s the same things all the time or just reminders about upcoming events) helps me get my head around stuff. That’s a pretty valuable tool. I suppose I’ll just do what I always do and meander on for a while until I get sick of reading my own words and come to some stagnate conclusion. At least on Tuesday evening I went writing after work.

It may not seem like a big deal, but I’ve been hammering on for years now about the need to get more writing (and writing related work) done in the evenings when the day job is over. This one did take my regular Flags and High Fives meeting with Arvin being cancelled (he’s hard at work on the edits for the next episode and needs the time to work) and Christian agreeing to go with me. I know I should just be able to sit at my desk (my new desk to boot) and write, but I’m not there yet (even though I have gotten a lot done there so far in other areas). If I can get back into the habit of writing in the evenings (even a little bit) my next step may be forcing myself to sit at home and get some writing in. I suppose it’s not a big deal that I go to coffee shops to write. img_20180423_124014563It would just be nice to know that the times when it’s impractical, I can also count on myself to get work done at home. In the future, where I hope to be a full time author, I may have to be counted on to do great amounts of work at home.

Speaking briefly on Flags and High Fives. I know this year has been spotty, but the next episode is in the final stages before it is ready to be published. That has been taking some time because it’s a big one. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get close to the hour mark. We took all the content we had been making while trying to write a song and bundled it together into a multi-part episode. If the length is too much for you to do in a single sitting, you should be able to easily break it up into its clearly delineated sections. It was a fun one to make (when we actually got to the point of recording the episode and not working on the challenge). I think you’ll enjoy it when it arrives. The next one is the big baddy of the season (and the last couple episodes). I can’t say right now how long it will take, but we now understand that we will have more content than can fill a single (or couple) of episodes, img_20180827_130657_984so we may break it up into smaller episodes as we complete the project. It’s one we are both excited for and should result in a thing that you can experience when the season is over.

The next upcoming event is the third ChiSeries Windsor of the year, coming next Wednesday at 8pm! We have local horror author and front-runner in most supportive of local authors and events, Mick Ridgewell, local young adult author and stiff competition for local supporter (and online wizard) Sharon Ledwith, and New York Times Bestselling Author of the FrostBlood Saga, Elly Blake. Our musical guest is a local powerhouse who you have likely seen at any number of events or even at your favourite local pub, Dave Russell. As always, this is going to be a really run night with readings, music, the best hosts you have ever experienced, and the chill vibes of Phog Lounge. The authors and musician get paid for the event (supported by ChiZine Publications) and it’s part of a national series, so I’m really proud to be part of bringing it to the city. I’d love to see lots of people there! Okay. I’m done now. Abrupt ending!

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