Almost Autumn

Blog No. 302

10-13-13I’m not alone in saying that my favourite season is autumn. Anecdotally, I’d say it’s probably the season liked most, by the most amount of people. I’ve written about September and how it stands out to me probably every year I’ve had this blog, but I’m going to do it again, because it stands out to me. I like it. It means something. I’m still not totally sure why, but if I keep writing about it, maybe I’ll figure it all out. Don’t worry, though. I’ll talk about other things. The next ChiSeries Windsor event is totally scheduled and work has even started on the November ChiSeries Fundraiser (Spectacular!). Not to mention, the Kitchener Tri-City Con, A possible trip to Peterborough, writing, more writing, my new room, new bed. There are all kinds of things happening, but I’m looking at them all through the lens of the new month (and the season on the horizon). Lets see how that all works out for me.

This week marks the return to school for many students. (Certainly the ones in this area). It means a little more congestion on the roads (and the buses I can never seem to avoid no matter when I leave for work), but it also means they will be safely tucked away at the schools and out of my hair (hopefully). There are also a bunch of folks going back to regular work, which doesn’t affect me directly except that my brother is one of those people and since he will be at work all day and at gigs many nights, work on the basement will be in small, carefully planned chunks instead of constantly the way it has been all summer. I’m not complaining, but like I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am a creature of routine, and going back to a routine I am comfortable with will hopefully be a boon for my writing.

235526_1328914Even the little change of being out of my normal space and helping out with the work whenever I can (along with all the day job kerfuffle) was enough to tank my productivity. I know that shouldn’t be an excuse, but I’m not good enough to overcome it yet. Now, I’m just about back in my normal room (totally refinished to boot) and my days off should be more about writing than other responsibilities (more, not totally). I don’t want that to be a complaint. It’s just a fact. It’s happened every year so far. I do well in the new year after a big push at the end of the last. Things go well, I get busy, summer comes, and everything falls apart. I wanted to avoid it this year, but I failed again. Nothing to do now but make another big push and try again next year. With a newly finished room, a new bed, and huge progress made in the basement (thanks to the tremendous effort of my brother and dad and a tiny amount of help from me) I should have even more of a boost to work with.

And it’s all happening in that special time of year where my old habits from when I was in school kick in and I feel a renewed drive to work, learn, socialize, and organize.(By school I mean College and University, not high school. I was a terrible student in high school). Even though it’s hot and so muggy it feels like a sauna outside (actually raining today) I can almost feel the cooler weather. While I don’t look forward to the early darkness, I can deal with just about every aspect of Autumn (and even Winter). I’m looking forward to getting back into working out (something else that suffered this summer, again mostly my own fault) and I’m eager to not sweat just from leaving the house. Really, I’m excited to start wearing jeans and hoodies probably most of all. Other than the ChiSeries Posterproductivity. Maybe it’s a tie.

You’ll probably be getting a facebook invite from me (or Christian) for the September 26th ChiSeries Windsor, Wed at Phog Lounge, from 8pm to 9:30pm. We have a killer lineup that you will be sad to miss. Also, the November fundraiser is going to be an event for the ages. If things go as planned, it may contend for the event of the year. Keep your eyes open for that. There may be some registration stuff coming soon for it. Okay. That’s all for now. Stay cool and think September thoughts.

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