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Blog No. 299

transmogrify_processThe blog tour is over, so now I can get back to my safe, comfortable routine. Not that there was anything wrong with the blog tour. It was great to do something with such talented, herd working local authors. It was even nice to know what I was going to write about for four solid weeks. It was different from what I’m used to (though) and I’m not always great with change. Now that it’s over, and I know I did it to the best of my ability (and did something new to try and promote myself) I’m glad to be back inside the box. While I was away, I missed writing about a few things. I’m going to rectify that now by telling you all about them! Also, I want to give a big thanks to Brittni Brinn, Justine Alley Dowsett, and Sharon Ledwith for writing such nice things about me and for being cool with my deviation from the blog tour style. It was a cool experience.

As was the last ChiSeries Reading. Reaching all the way back to July 18th, the second ChiSeries Windsor Reading of the year was one of the most relaxed I’ve done. (Also, it’s nice to be writing about it after the event is over, but less nice to try and remember details from a month ago). After the rush of the NDP concert/reading, the ChiSeries img_20180718_204557051Reading was a really laid back affair. There were fewer people there (something I’m going to have to put more effort towards for the next one) but those who did make it were a good group who often come out to support my stuff. Christian and I did have a little side conversation about how relaxed we were hosting the thing. It helps that the readers were all people we know and like, but I think we are starting to get to that next level of experience too. It’s really becoming old hat (not to say that it’s not still fun and exciting, though).

The readers were all really enthusiastic and fun too. Christine Hayton brought popcorn for everyone and door prizes (I feel badly that I won one of them especially after making a joke about it). She read from her upcoming book (which was exciting). Joey Ouellette, the founder, director, and actor with The Purple Theatre Company, did a great reading (as always). I met the last reader at the Biblioasis reading that img_20180728_205301311Christian spearheaded earlier this year. Jamie Tennant came from Hamilton for the night and knocked my socks off for the second time. It’s always nice to bring in someone from out of town. He was even nice enough to suggest that Chrsitian and I should go up to Hamilton to do a reading some time. Something I’m obviously open to. The musician was someone suggested by my brother and I’m thankful for that suggestion. Andrew MacLeod, son and brother to famed authors Alistair and Alexander MacLeod. He not only rocked the show with his music, he also was constantly on the sound board making the rest of us sound good.

img_20180729_202641964_hdrThe following weekend (after a trip to Toronto for a wedding) I was at the LaSalle Night Market. I wasn’t expecting much (especially after only a brief stop at home to drop off my luggage and pick up my book stuff) but it was a great evening. Not only was the event better than I expected (there were a bunch of cool booths, food vendors, music, and games for kids) but there were a lot of people there too. The weather was perfect to boot. We ended up selling quite a few books. We had to order more copies of No Light afterwards. The weekend after that was another Chapters signing at the mall. That one didn’t go quite so well. Chances are we will be shaking up the times for the next one. This weekend I’ll be at the Tilbury Art in the Park with Christian and Ed Gagnon both Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully it will be as good as the LaSalle Night Market.

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