Blog Tour Week Three: Brittni Brinn

Blog No. 297

28471397_2073374802679662_6967194067057539465_nBy now, you should have a good idea of what this blog tour is all about. If not, what are you doing here? Go back and read the last three posts to get the full experience. Or don’t, I’m not your boss. The basic idea is that a few of us local authors (and avid bloggers) have decided to dedicate a few posts to each other. It’s a delightfully easy thing since I think they are all wonderfully talented, friendly, and hard working individuals. This week, I’m going to be deviating from the format a bit. Rather than ask Brittni a bunch of questions, I’m just going to talk about her new book, The Patch Project, the impact she’s had in the area, and what it’s like putting a book out.

Brittni is the brain child behind this whole blog tour thing. It’s not a new idea, but she is the one who prompted this particular group to do this particular tour. Her new book has only been out for a few months and she had really taken to the marketing aspect of being an author. img_20180531_100208_721Many of us find that side to be a challenge (or just a pain to do). It’s easy to see writing as just sitting at a computer doing the writing side, maybe do some edits, maybe try to get the book published—get a facebook page and ask some people to follow it, tell yourself you did your best and go back to writing. It’s easily the least enjoyable part of being an author. I’ve gone so far as to have an instagram page and this blog, but even that is in the bare minimum category. Brittni built a killer website, organizes readings and events, does facebook live Q&As, and seems to always have something to share on social media. That’s one of the catches. Not only do you need social media, you need to post stuff all the time.

What’s more, her book is so original. The Patch Project is her first book and it was published by Edge Publishing out of Calgary. It’s dystopian science fiction (some could argue apocalyptic fantasy, but I’ll stick with scifi) but it is written in a very interesting way. With multiple characters experiencing the world around them from very distinct perspectives. Those perspectives colour how they see the strange and wondrous changes to their homes, the land, and themselves. Rather than a straightforward plot told by a single protagonist, the story comes through the lenses of those individuals living it and the writing drips with metaphor. 36684821_2182761931764001_3491123828220755968_oIt almost makes you question how much you can trust their accounts of the end of the world and the resulting post apocalyptic landscape. Very literary in its roots, The Patch Project is a read that really requires your attention to pick through the language and get to the tender morsels of plot. The ending (oh the ending) leaves things on such an abrupt cliffhanger, I had to ask Brittni if there was more to come. Thankfully, there is. I couldn’t tell you when, but I have no doubt that she is hard at work on it (and so many other things).

As part of her continued interactions with the community (writing and art in general) Brittni also cohosted a cool radio show/podcast with her husband called Hardcover (they were nice enough to have me on) and she writes plays for Paper Knife Theatre (I think she’s the artistic director now, actually). It’s got to be some crazy mix of work ethic, talent, and youthful energy (that I need to tap into with some kind of machine or something) that keeps her going so strongly. With just one book out, she does more than some authors with nearly a dozen. Something that often gets misunderstood (that is a personal frustration of mine) many authors (and artists) seem to think that success is a sum game. If someone else gets some recognition or pushes hard to sell books, that means there is less for me. The opposite is more accurate (as long as you’re doing the work too). The more someone can bring attention to a community you are part of, the more everyone involved can shine. There are so many reasons that I won’t get into because this is a post about Brittni and her book, not what grinds my gears. All you need to remember is that Brittni is on the front line, pushing for some attention for all of the local writers. She is also the type of person to as eagerly sell someone on your book as her own. That makes all of us stronger.

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Brittni Brinn is a writer and playwright. She has a Masters degree in Creative Writing and Literature. Her interests include rocks kicked up by the ocean, books from friends, and comfortable sweaters. She currently lives in Windsor, along with her husband and two cats.

You can find The Patch Project on, through EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, or locally at Juniper Books.

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