Last Minute Event!

Blog No. 293

IMG_20161127_150733235Over the last few years (I just realized about seven) Christian and I have formed a pretty good partnership. So much so that folks who don’t know he is married with kids often think we are a couple. We’ve learned to just go with it, but that’s not what this is about. While we plan, host, and attend a lot of events together, we sometimes do things that the other person can’t (or doesn’t want to on the rare occasion). It’s unbelievable, I know, but it happens. One of those things is the Windsor International Writer’s Conference. It’s an event that has been put on for the last few years that brings authors, publishers, and agents to the city for one busy weekend. This time, Christian is the one involved and I didn’t have time to participate (plus I wasn’t asked, but it saves me having to politely decline).

Christian has had his hands full with the event, helping organize and promote it, and I’ve been catching up on writing (and working extra at the day job). At one of the promotion events with Brian Masse, he struck up a conversation with the MP. It turns out that Charlie Angus, another MP is coming to Windsor to play music at Phog (he’s in a band) and was looking for people to do readings that night. (Sounds a lot like a ChiSeries event in reverse). That event is tonight! I learned about it just last week. It’s not the latest I was invited to an event, but it’s short enough that I didn’t write about it last week (because I didn’t know). As you’ve likely figured out, I have been invited to read at the event (and help introduce the other authors with Christian). It’s no surprise since we do almost everything together.

giphyAlong with Christian and myself, Fartumo Kusow, Daniel Lockhart, and Brittni Brinn will be reading, and with such a short window, it’s going to be fast and furious (like that movie Smokey and the Bandit!). I have no idea what they are going to read, but I am looking for a nice, short, exciting passage from Thinking Machine for the event. Thankfully, I know all those readers (and have done events with most of them). It’s nice to have an idea of what to expect and to know you are surrounded by talented writers. At some events, it’s a crap-shoot and you never know how it’s going to go. (Though at those events it’s nice to be one of the better writers/readers). Since the event is at Phog, I know exactly how to set it all up, and the vibe will be pretty relaxed (I expect). This Charlie Angus chap who is the star of the show is apparently quite the musician along with being a politician. He was nominated for a Juno.

Later this month, my blog is going to take a bit of a turn. I’ve made a deal with the devil some other writers to do a blog exchange (or a blog tour I think they call it). For four weeks we will be writing about each others works (or just each other) in some way. (One author each week) culminating in a post about ourselves for the last one. I’m a little nervous about it since the other authors have done it all before and have all kinds of ideas and plans. I don’t usually work that way, so I’m not sure how I’ll do. As a promotional tool, it’s not a bad idea. Sharing the love is a big part of my mentality as a writer. I believe there is room for everyone to succeed, and helping each other out can make that success more likely. So, look forward to that (and how I mess it up somehow by trying to be an individual) and also, I hope to see you tonight at this show! It’s a musician and readers, the key ingredients to a good time. Oh, plus beer. That helps sometimes too. Especially in this heat.

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