An Update Worth Sharing

Blog No. 278

29314532_10155322356185983_4700733863138164736_nI find myself in the rare position where I have more than one thing to talk about and I didn’t have to scramble to find a topic this week. As it turns out, if I tantalize people with the idea of images of me looking like a dork, they all want to see them. Last week, I didn’t have those images, but now I do. If you are just reading the teaser, you have to click on the whole article to see the pictures. I buried them further down. That’s called strategy. The image you see up here is actually from the Chapter’s signing I did with Christian over the weekend. Turns out that when the sun is shining at it’s St. Patrick’s Day, the mall isn’t very busy.

Thankfully, the Chapters staff was friendly and helpful (as always). I got to chat a bit with a few folks I used to work with, and from posting the image on Facebook, I got some love from other former co-workers who didn’t know I did such things as signings at Chapters. It was nice. When you slog for a long time, a simple boost of likes and comments on your post can mean the world. Especially since we didn’t sell a ton of books. We sold some, but not as much as we hoped. Though, Ideally we would sell thousands, so we never do as much as hoped, but with the new book, we expected more than what we got. I won’t say how much, because it probably wouldn’t mean much without context and I don’t fell like getting into it. At least, that’s my story.

20180311 Ben Van DogenNow that the signing is out of the way, my next event is going to be the Windsor Small Press Book Fair, April 14th, at Green Bean, Windsor On, from 11am to 4pm. There is a small break from now to then, but for the rest of April and all of May, I have seven events. At least three of them will be out of town, too. By the way, if you ever want to keep up with what I have going on, I update the Events page weekly. It’s a carbon copy of the Adventure Worlds Press Events page (since I do almost every event with Christian), so you can hit up either one to get the latest. Usually I have one or two events a month with a third on the odd occasion. Four in May is pretty crazy, but it should be fun and productive.

Having all those events will be the perfect opportunity for me to sell my new book, and I’m not talking about All These Crooked Streets (which you should totally read if you haven’t yet, since it’s a great book. If you don’t believe me, check out the totally non-biased page for the book on Goodreads). What I am talking about is the Cyber Punk Novella, The Thinking Machine that I have been talking about for many months. I’m finally finished and should have the book off to the printer by tomorrow. Through lots of hard work (my own and many others) the cover is done, the layout is done, and the story is done.

I am just going over it one last time right now, looking for all the little things I probably missed. I don’t have a specific release date, and I’m not having a launch, but I hope to have it out before the 14th so it can be available for all those events. That depends on how the printer situation goes and if I made any big mistakes. If you want me to do some reveal (like a cover reveal or mini launch thing) let me know. I’ll decide based on the feedback I get here. Otherwise, as soon as I get copies, I’ll be spreading the word and hitting the streets. I’m pretty excited.

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