Photo Shy

Blog No. 277

Before I get into the blog proper for this week, I feel the need to shame daylight saving time. It’s really dumb and we should all rise up and abolish it before it ruins us forever.

With that out of the way, a couple of weeks ago I was approached by my friend Khoa about taking some author photos. He is a local photographer who is making a go at doing it full time and was interested in building his portfolio. I have been lucky enough to have Christian take a few shots for me since he has a good camera and a good eye. Those pictures were fine, but a little lacking in imagination. I didn’t really have a good idea, so they are generic pics of me that can be used for promo for events and what not. The prospect of photos done by a professional with props, lighting, and editing was exciting. Getting them at a deal was too good to pass up.

With the photo shoot in the back of my head, I had to come up with some ideas. We decided to meet at Anchor the week before to make arrangements and hammer out a deal. I had to have my ideas set for that meeting (or at least have some ideas). I brainstormed and consulted some friends and came up with some stuff, but would need props to pull it off. I don’t want to get too into it because I’m not going to get any photos back until Monday, but it was a scramble to find and order the stuff, especially since I didn’t know if I would even be able to use most of it. In the end, a couple of the pricier items did get used, but some of the little things I had to really run around for didn’t work.

At the meeting, we talked about what we both had in mind and I think I surprised him with my take on author photos and what we could do. I could have had him set me up in front of a wall, or bookshelf, and take some stock photos in the properly lit scene, but that’s super boring. I came to him wanting to really challenge myself. I’m not a naturally outgoing person, so in the best of times, I really have to push it. I tend to not like getting my photo taken and when it does happen, I always make a weird face (whether I mean to or not). I’ve really had to get over it for publicity sake. Even then, I have to remind myself to get shots of the tables and of myself at events. It’s horribly awkward every time, but it’s a part of the whole self promotion thing, so I put up with it. If I was going to get some professional photos done, I wanted to really make them interesting, my be damned.

Thankfully, Khoa was up for it, and between the two of us, we solidified a plan. With the items I had procured and his equipment, we would do a couple of series of photos in a downtown alley, looking for at least one of each that would be useful to both of us. We wanted to get a promo photo (something specific to my upcoming book) and an author photo (that can be used on said book and for events). The day was pretty nice for March, but a bit chilly, but we made it work. I definitely look like a goober, but hopefully an interesting goober that will make you interested in my writing. Keep in mind, Khoa is at no way to blame for the monstrously awkward facial expressions and body language I convey in the shots. That’s all me. The composition and lighting, though. He’s responsible for that.

Big thanks to Khoa for coming to me with the offer. It’s an opportune time with all the upcoming events and the new book. I can’t wait to show everyone how truly awkward I can be (in photograph form).

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