Blog No. 273

6359_image_22179751_760181600835473_6204064752881308145_oThe first target date for the release of The Thinking Machine is this weekend, and I totally blew it. Not only am I nowhere near ready to release the book, I haven’t finished editing it yet. Nowhere near may be too harsh, but from where I’m sitting, it seems farther away than I expected. I have myself to blame (as always). I had a terrible December for productivity and that was on top of a pretty terrible year as a whole. I just sucks to go gung-ho into a new year (fervently trying to shake off the negativity of the last year) an to fall flat on my face out the gate. I still hope to have it out soon, but there is no way I’ll have it out by the Action! Con.

That’s mostly because Action! is happening this weekend. You may know Action! by its previous name, SyndiCon. I’m not sure how deep the change goes. I think most of the organizers are the same and they just shifted their focus to include more stuff than comics. That seems like a good thing for me, since I’ll be selling sci-fi and crime books (and I know very little about comics). Thankfully, I was invited, even with my obvious inadequacy. This will be my third year at the event, and it’s quickly become a traditional kickoff to the year for me. It’s usually the first one I’m invited to and the first one I go to. It’s nice to start at home, work the kinks out, and not have to spend a bunch on travel, accommodations, and food. (Though, I do spend too much on food).

Thankfully, all the printing issues we’ve been having for All These Crooked Streets seems to have been solved, so we’ll have plenty on hand to sell. They should be at Biblioasis and Chapters soon too. If you just can’t wait, there are a few at the Anchor Coffee House on Huron Line. I’d suggest coming to Action! to get a copy. That way you get to see all the awesome stuff there, and you can get at least two of the three signatures since both Christian and I will be there. I can’t confirm anything, but one or both of us may be doing a panel or two, too. (I honestly have no idea, but it was mentioned at one time).

Action! is taking place on Sunday from 10am – 5pm at the St. Clair Centre for the Arts. Admission is super cheap and you can go to their facebook page to see all the gusts and vendors who will be there. As for me and The Thinking Machine. I hope to have more new in the next few weeks. I really am making good time. (Even though the edits aren’t done, I’m almost finished the layout). The cover art is ready (and amazing) and I’ve already started on the non-sequel second book. If you want any more info, you better come see my at Action! and we can talk about it. See you there.


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