Toronto Bound

Blog No. 271

tetris-veryfirstversionTomorrow morning I’m getting on a train and heading up to Toronto to meet up with Arvin and get to work on Season Two of Flags and High Fives. We’re doing things a little differently this year, and that means I have a lot of stuff to bring up so we can get started. Since I’m taking the train (a sensible option in the winter) that means I’m going to have to sharpen my Tetris skills and rely on some muscles to get everything into a backpack and suitcase, and get them onto the train. I think that should be the most difficult part (except maybe getting it all into a cab when I get there).

I actually enjoy taking the train. It’s slower and admittedly less exciting than driving, but in the winter, it’s the obvious choice.  I don’t even mind the waiting. In coach cars, it’s easy enough to read, listen to music, play a game, or watch a movie. I can even do all that on my cellphone (but I have different devices for each). On business cars, I can (often) manage to get some real work done. Writing, editing, layout, research. That little table that folds out gets a workout. There is only one real downside with taking the train (maybe two). If I drive, I am on my own. No people taking up the arm rest, talking too loudly, bothering you when you have your nose obviously buried in a book. The second downside is when the train is delayed for some reason, but to be honest, that could just as easily happen on the 401.

3351-windsor-20120927For this trip, the train is the way to go. I do have to bother my parents to give me a ride to the station, but I’m sure they’d say it’s no bother. (Even if it would be a bother). One nice part about the trip to Arvin’s is that, once I’m in Toronto, it’s a short cab ride to his house. In the summer (if it’s not too hot) I’ve even walked there. (From the train station of course, not from Windsor). With so much to do, time is of the essence. Arvin (with his family and job) is busy enough. I have a book in the mid to final stages of release (The Thinking Machine which is on edits and layout) and another one Started today. The Podcast is a passion project for both of us, but that doesn’t mean we don’t insist on standards. Putting our regular work aside is a big deal. We need to take advantage of the time (and get some good hanging out too).

I can never guarantee how much work I get done on the train. I’m on a tight budget, so it’s coach all the way for me (this time). That means no comfortable way to use my laptop. I may still try since I’m eager to get my newest first draft done this month, but I’m resigned to likely just read (still a necessary and enjoyable task). Either way, its something I wouldn’t be able to do if I drove. (Not to complain about driving. It has its own benefits). I’m going to try to document the trip (for some extra content for the Podcast) so maybe one day you’ll have the chance to live the whole experience along with me (if its even something you’d be interested in seeing (weirdo)). In the mean time, I’m looking forward to the trip and getting to sink my teeth into Season Two. I can’t wait for you to hear it.

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