Blog No. 266

261a36b470e7d0f032fc27b69ff0c0e9Writing is a lonely task. Most of the time, it doesn’t bother me. I don’t tend to get lonely very often, and even just watching a movie, reading a book, or spending time online can usually cure me. Even when I’m sitting alone, writing, most of the time I’m peachy keen. I think the reason why I like to write out of the house (and why I’m more productive there too) is because I’m surrounded by people, even if it’s all superficial. It’s strange, though, because I tend to hate people. I prefer to be at Anchor, surrounded by friends and interesting people, but in a pinch, Tims can do the trick. While I’m writing (as when I’m reading a good book) I completely disappear into the world. I’m totally immersed. It’s often a good ride, but once in a while, the loneliness hits and I really don’t want to sink into that world. 

That’s how I’ve been feeling this week. With Anchor closed (and even Tims on holiday hours) I was forced to face writing at home. I really struggled with it. It reminds me when I snuggled with writing on a computer. I had to do everything in a notebook and type it up after. It was a lot of extra work. But, with this blog and enough practice, I got to a point where I wasn’t even thinking about it any more. I still type for shit, but I can do it. But this is my 2018 preview post, so I should get to that. I don’t do a look-back post until January when I reach a full years worth of posts (since I started my weekly posts in the second week of January 2013). Right now I’m looking forward to the new year.

18320502_10210444112951895_2565374532704504222_oThis will be the third year of me doing events, and I already have a few planned. I was invited to Action! (formerly Syndicon). It’s early, in February, so I think of it as a kick off event. I have a Chapters Signing before that (on January 27th) but it’s less of an event, and more of a work shift. Still important, but I’m not a guest, I’m just another struggling author. I’m still waiting to hear form The Sarnia Pop Culture Show, but I’m expecting to go again this year. It’s in April, and so is Shock Stock (the come back event of the century). The first Shock Stock was rough, but last year, it was great. With a new book (or two) it should be even better. Christian and I have already sat down to discuss what else we want to attend, where we want to go, and what places we haven’t been to yet. There is still more planning to do, but it’s a good start.

On the writing front, the story I’m struggling to finish is my Cyber Punk novella. I have a chapter to go (maybe a big chapter) and a few rough and dirty drafts. I’m somewhere at second-and-a-half draft, but I want it out in time for Action! in February. It was initially supposed to be part of a summer reader series thing I wanted to do, but this year sucked for that, so I got bumped (a bunch). As soon as it’s done I’m going to start on the next book in the series. I say series, but they are unconnected (or loosely connected) stories. I want to have that one out in the summer (for real this time) and see if my idea of a local short fiction summer reading thing is successful. On top of that I want to start a new novel. Something to shop around and see if I can get published. Ideally, it will all be written quickly, and professionally and I’ll have time to spare. I’ve got to be better this year. Last year was too rough.

newsradioI’ve spoken a lot here about getting rid of some of my obligations this year. I can’t do anything about the Day Job, but I can not over commit to other things. Flags and High Fives can potentially be more of a time sink, but it has the ability to have a positive impact on my persona. Plus I like doing it and it is something that allows me to hang out with my Arvin. We are pushing to do a much bigger season two, but we have plans to front load a lot of the work and approach it in smarter ways. We also have to even out the work-load. I did a lot of editing for season one (by choice) but Arvin has assured me he wants to step into that aspect more this time around. Even with all the time saving measures in place, it’s going to take a big chunk of my time. It’s a decision I’m willing to make and I just have to be more productive so my writing doesn’t suffer.

There are a few other projects on my docket. The secret project that I should have a name for but don’t, is one. Potential ChiSeries Windsor events (or some facsimile) is another. Plus, I didn’t attend nearly enough events put on by other folks. I’ve got to do better with that. It’s like my mantra. I’ve got to do better. I really do, but step one is getting the Cyber Punk novella finished. All These Crooked Streets is done (finally) so the only thing stopping me is me. I’ve gotten past that guy before, I can do it again. See you in 2018!

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