One Last Event for the Year

Blog No. 263

24129987_1711334505564763_8249282984408954501_nDid you know it’s already December? It took me by surprise. Christmas is three weeks away. Thankfully I am just about done everything I need to do for that. (One present to go. It’s been a bit of a challenge to track down). Even though the book is out (The new Crime Anthology, All These Crooked Streets) the launch is over, and the ChiSeries is done for the year, I haven’t had a chance to take a break. That is, I have so much work still to do that I shouldn’t have blown off most of last weekend (which I did) because the Day Job continues to sap every ounce of my energy. But that’s as lame an excuse as I’ve heard, so I’ll just say I slacked off even with a bunch of pressing deadlines quickly approaching with the end of the year close behind.

Thankfully, the ChiSeries was nice and relaxed. After the near panic getting everything ready for the launch, having a bunch of readers (eight) scheduled and only having to host practically made the event a breeze. The readers were great (but went a bit long for how many of them there was) and Phog was as accommodating as usual. Plus, they had that great cherry cider that everyone has been raving about. We didn’t sell many books, but for the type of fundraiser event that it was, I wasn’t expecting much. We did get a few bucks to put back in the ChiSeries coffers, at least. hopefully it will help keep it going down here.

24173200_1711334508898096_3223694310780306048_oIt was a challenge to get an audience this time (more so than usual). Considering the number of other events happening not only that night, but in the previous and following weeks, it wasn’t too bad. It just seems to be that time of year when being busy is taken for granted and being super busy the norm. That probably had a part to play in my lack of motivation over the weekend. Sure, I did get some work done, and a did have the Day Job to contend with, but I’m usually more productive.

A quick word about the Day Job. A coworker recently had an accident that left a gaping hole in the schedule. He’ll be okay, but has to be off his feet for a considerable amount of time. Those vacant shifts have to be covered, though, and I’m the man to do most of it. Thankfully another coworker is helping, so I’m not stuck with every day, but most of my free days before Christmas are gone. Once again, that does mean a little bit of cash, and since the holiday season tends to be a drain on the funds, having some extra is nice. Having time to work on my pending projects is nice too, though.

23844856_10155060969760983_7411655055347972518_nThere is one more event to go this year, and it’s happening right before Christmas. It was the same last event I had last year. I have the same first event for next year too, so maybe that’s a trend I’ll keep going. Either way, I’ll be at the Ford City Twilight Market, Thursday December 21st at the Heimat Banquet Centre from 6pm to 10pm. Christian and I will be selling the new book, so you get two of the three signatures right there. You’ll have to wait until some time near April to get Ed’s signature, so don’t hold your breath for that. I’ll get a chance to talk more about it next week, but hopefully I see you there!


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