Everything in its Place

Blog No. 262

23509290_1692636467434567_8522620086828808264_oBefore I get talking about some behind the scenes of being a writer stuff (which is what this blog is really about) I wanted to remind everyone that the last ChiSeries of the year is happening tonight at Phog. It’s the Holiday Showcase Fundraiser and if it does well, we may insure keeping ChiSeries going in Windsor. A bunch of great local writers are donating a reading and selling their stuff, so it’s a great way to support them too. Also, my new book, All These Crooked Streets, will be available and two of the three authors will be on hand to sign it. Not a bad deal if you ask me. Hope to see you all there. Now back to the show!

The release of the new book came with a good excuse (or not more excuse) to go through all my book/writing stuff and reorganize, clean, and sort. I’m not one to follow traditions, but I like the idea of Spring cleaning (just not necessarily in Spring). I have a spot for all my event stuff (including the books) but it easily gets mixed up over months of use (or lack of use). Other things from other projects and sometimes just daily detritus gets mixed in and it all gets dusty and sad. Even worse, all my counts get off and my lists and charts are inaccurate. A good cleaning and organizing (with some double and triple counting in the mix) gets it all back in order and clears my mind.

12819436_950720088352822_6952779894316107475_oAlong with the physical organization, I’m a stickler for keeping tracking charts. I’m no excel wizard, but I do my best, to track the incoming, and outgoing books, where they go, and when. Right from the start there were a few No Light Tomorrow books that weren’t accounted for and by the time of the second printing, I gave up. I’m determined to get it done in the long haul with All These Crooked Streets, though, especially since another author is involved this time. I’m banking on the diligence keeping the numbers in check and in turn feeding the diligence.

All my digital stuff is still a bit of a mess, but at least its a mess in one place. Stories are all in a file (along with started and almost started stories). Once upon a time, ironically long before I finished anything, I had everything categorized, dated, and filed. I’d like to get back to that eventually. I started with the finished books, taking the files dumped in generic folders and sorting them out. All the signs and tracking pages I made for events are in one folder too. I’m working on collecting all my photos from events and book related stuff and gathering them in one place where they can be accessed from anywhere.

13310476_10207534953184719_2011061752004214649_nThere is still a bunch to do, and I’m in a race to get my Cyber Punk book done for the New Year too, especially since I have a special project going on for that one too (no spoilers yet). Getting everything organized can seem like a stalling tactic, but with all the events coming up and a new book to sell, it makes sense to have that stuff up-to-date and ready to rock. The last thing I need is to scramble the morning of an event to get it all together and get change for the cash box, or whatever stupid thing I haven’t done.

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