Into the Horizon

Blog No. 261

23825939_10155052833330983_4551037070813374431_oThe book launch is over. All These Crooked Streets is available to anyone who wants to read it. The evening was a great success (in most measurable ways) and I’m glad it’s finally out in the wild. The hubbub and hoopla has dimmed, and now it’s time to buckle down, finish the next book, and keep the string of events going for the foreseeable future. It’s going to be a busy few weeks running up to Christmas (both for event and at the day job). Then I get the Christmas break where all I have to worry about is some family gatherings and writing. I’m really looking forward to getting back to that writing.

There are a lot of folks to thank. Both Ed and Christian were essential to putting this thing together. I’m too tired to go through all the little parts and divvy up who did what. We all did a bunch of stuff and that helped to make the launch work. As always, it was a scramble of readings, introductions, signings, thankings, chitchat, and a bit of drinking. From start to finish, it was just over an hour and I can only remember it in flashes of activity. The music was amazing. This time we had Crissi Cochrane play. She did the last ChiSeries event and agreed to play for the launch way back then. Thankfully, she was really patient with pushing it back and did an amazing job playing between readings.

23825961_10159544415340858_6191554133686663113_oThe venue turned out to be perfect too. I was worried River’s Edge was a lit far, but a bunch of folks who lived in that end of the city showed up. The people who did have to drive there seemed to think it was worth the trip, too. I managed to grab a bite before we started and I was quite happy with the food. I didn’t finish it all, but that’s because I had to open the event and do a reading and I didn’t want to be stuffed for that. If I find myself out that way again, I’ll likely pop in and try a full meal.

The area for the readings was a bit cramped, but we don’t need much. It gave us the ability to face both the dining room and the bar area, which was nice. Most of the people there seemed to be there for us, but the few who weren’t stuck around. So, we didn’t scare them off at least. We had a table for the books, a mic, and a speaker, and that’s about all we need for a reading. I was happy with the initial sales, but was a bit bummed out that some folks couldn’t make it out. I can’t be too upset, I have my own struggles getting to all the readings and events I want to. Life can so easily get in the way and a Tuesday in November isn’t the most ideal time to host a book launch.

In the end, I’m tired, but happy. The book is out, the launch went well, and I didn’t bungle my reading too much. If you missed the launch, you can get the book (signed by all three authors) at the Christmas Craft Show at the Serbian Centre this weekend. It gets busy in there, so come early. Now I have my next book to finish in the very near future. I’ll have to squeeze it in between events and work until, my break where I can really let loose.


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