The Book Launch Has Been Postponed!

Blog No. 258

***The Date has been confirmed for Tuesday November 21st***

z6gakgpUnfortunate news! Due to some disappointing and unforeseen circumstances, the All These Crooked Streets Book Launch has been postponed. We are working very hard to lock down another date, but at the moment, that hasn’t happened. One last piece of the puzzle needs to be locked into place, then we can continue like this deplorable delay never happened. Bearing that in mind, thanks to everyone who was going to make it on the now cancelled November 4th date, thanks to everyone who is going to be there for the new date, and thanks anyway for those who can’t make the new date even though they’d love to be there if they could. Sorry for the confusion, everyone.

As of writing this post, I haven’t gotten the book in my hands (a good indication as to why we had to push back the launch) but I’m optimistic it will be as good in person as it seemed to be on the screen. Taking the things I learned from the second printing of No Light and learning from them, this one should be relatively error free. I still have to sort out some digital stuff, but the book (based on the layout) should be in good shape and pleasing to everyone who sees it. I took a lot of time specifically looking at the flaws (as little as they are) in No Light and researching how to address them. I guess I trying to say it’s a step forward, I’m proud of the work I did, and I hope any flaw I find is minimal and hard for people to notice.

giphy1There are certain things that are just out of my hands. I can do the layout based on all the dimension schematics, measurements, and matrices from the printer, along with any supplemental suggestions about the programs I used but the printer is the one who makes the book. Even if I get everything right, something could go wrong on that end, or I could do something (or not do something) that can make a difference but there is no documentation about it so I don’t know about it. There are some things that you learn by doing and you get better at almost everything over time (learning little idiosyncrasies as they come). So, this book will be better than the last, and hopefully the next one will be better still.

Though, in time I hope that I’ll have a publisher and won’t have to worry about any of this anymore. But that’s wishful thinking. Not the having a publisher part, the not having to still do work beyond writing. Unless I one day find myself at the top of the industry, I’ll still e doing my own promotion, putting together my own events, and taking part in my own marketing. That’s the cost of writing for a living though. Wow, I got way off topic. But that leaves me with another post done. The big takeaway is that the All These Crooked Streets launch is postponed and I’ll be announcing the new date as soon as I know it. It may even be confirmed before this post comes out, in which case I’ll add an addendum to the top of it. Hope to see you at the new launch!

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