BookFest (Part One, Maybe)

Blog No. 254

bookfest-logo-newEven though BookFest proper is happening at the end of the month, events started this week. Yesterday morning was the launch announcement event (which I had to miss due to the day job) and a reading/music/launch thing happened at Phog last night. It was a pretty familiar thing for me (having done the launch if No Light, several readings, and the ChiSeries Readings there). Kind of being a helper on the sidelines was new though, but in a good way. It was nice to be able to take part (in a small way) and then sit back and enjoy the rest of the evening. I say the rest, but I had to take off right near the end due to more day job stuff (that is in fact a night job sometimes too). All in all, it was a good kickoff to the month’s events.

Some of the BookFest events (like with many organizations who work with both professionals and other organizations vying for the spotlight) have rather verbose names. The Wednesday night in question was called See, Speak, Hear Canada: Glenn Gould the Man and the Music. It’s a bit or a mouthful, but at least it is focused. The actual stuff taking place was a presentation of a new book by Peter Goddard accompanied by two musicians from the Windsor Symphony Orchestra and one from the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Music, books, readings, signings, and a bunch of hosts. I think they include BookFest Windsor, The Windsor Symphony Orchestra, Cultural Hub Canada 150, and Phog. I could be missing something though.

Either way, it’s a good thing to have in the city, and a good start to BookFest (along with the media launch). It’s the only BookFest event for the week, but next Wednesday there will be the Art.Work Workshop at the Arts Council, which is an introduction to freelance writing. Then the real show starts on the 20th at The Capital and Phog. If you don’t know much about what it is or what’s going on, the BookFest Facebook page is a good place to start. From their, they have all the events listed in detail. Even more information is on their Website (including a list of the authors coming, the schedule, ticket info, and the like).

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you have any interest in books, writing, culture, the city, music, or just being involved (and informed) you should give the event a look and see if any of it interests you. If so, awesome, I’ll see you there. If not, send BookFest a message and let them know. Maybe tell them what it is you’d like to see. It’s great to be introduced to things, people, and artists you haven’t heard of, but sometimes it’s fun to see someone you already like. Maybe they can do a mix of both. Either way, it’s a worthwhile event and something you should support. Besides, what else are you going to do?

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