It’s the Yearly Lull Spectacular!

Blog No. 252

Every year, sometime in the second half, I find myself struggling to find topics for this blog. It’s around this time that I start to think about (or threaten to) stop the weekly posts and change formats. I don’t think I’m quite at that point yet, but I’ve been scrambling for the last few weeks and this week I find myself up against the wall. I’ve done it before, but I do lots of things over again so why should this be different? this post is going to be about not having anything to talk about this week. Let’s pretend this is Rick and Morty or something and cgamwcethis is my seasonal clip show. That way it’ll be fun and something to look forward to and not a tedious drag that no one wants.

I’m pretty happy that I’ve made it to the end of September before having to be this self-referential. I’ve had to skirt it a few times this year, but for the most part, I’ve been so busy that I’ve gotten away with talking about being stressed and stuff. I’m still busy, but I’m in the middle of a weird lull where the ball has been put into other people’s courts and I have to wait for the return swing to then scramble to keep the play alive. Sports Metaphor! But seriously, the layout is being reviewed by the other folks in the group (fresh eyes are a must) so until I get the resulting report I can’t do the cover. Once I get it back and we finalize the interior, the cover will be a cinch. Christian spent a ton of time designing it, redesigning it, re-redesigning it, and starting from scratch when he got feedback that the cover is done. I just have to get the template from the printer and drop in all the elements in InDesign. It’s an evening’s job at a stretch.

3e6roThe other pending task is the launch. I’m still waiting on confirmation from the venue, and everything else is hanging on that. They are going out of their way to fit us in on a Saturday night (maybe) and it’s free, but time is running out. Sure, it’s more than a month away, but to book everyone involved, confirm help from friends, properly advertise, and get all the other elements (you’ll have to wait on that) sorted out, time is running very short. There is no point putting time, effort, and money into a launch event if it’s all going to be a scramble at the last minute. If that were the case, I’d prefer to save the effort and just have a regular old reading, or just launch at the next event (whatever that’s going to be).

A word about events. They’ve been slime lately precisely because of what’s going on with the new book. (Just like things to talk about). I’ve found that the local market is starting to get tapped out for No Light Tomorrow. I’m pretty sure Christian is having the same reaction to Space. People recognize us and those who have bought our books ask about a new one. Those who haven’t are not likely to buy it anyway. Not that I’m surprised. It’s been almost two years since it came out. We’ve sold a lot too (without doing the math I’d say over eight hundred wouldn’t be a stretch). Plus, our tables are starting to look boring with no changes. I had intended to have my own novella out by now, but that had to wait for the Crime anthology to be finished. Since I’ve been in a holding pattern, I’ve picked away at it, but I doubt I’ll have it out before the new year. I probably could, but I don’t want to step on the toes of the Crime Anthology and a mid to late December release with no planning seems odd to me. So, that’ll probably be first Quarter 2018.

I think that’s long enough for now, so I’ll cut it short. Look for some final info on the release in the next little while. Maybe by the time this post is out. Maybe.

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