Now’s Your Chance

Blog No. 248

18698534_10154951530768855_4340250851259082773_n1Next Wednesday (in six days from now) is the second quarterly ChiSeries Windsor reading. You may have remembered my post about it a few weeks ago (or at least the title if you don’t actually read this blog). To refresh your memory, this may end up being the last ChiSeries Windsor reading, or maybe the last for a while, since their normal funding hasn’t come through. I say they because there is a dedicated group of people from ChiZine Publications who started and support the series (at the moment from their own pockets) but I suppose I’m part of that now. Even thought I said it last time, I think it’s really important to stress how big a deal this is and what a great thing it can be for Windsor.

As a genera writer, sometimes I feel like I’m seen as less-than by the larger writing community. There are some awards and events for genera authors, but not nearly as many as for literary authors. I’ve been speaking with a group of writers and added my two-cents to the conversation to have a person wave my comment away with a “yeah, but you do that weird stuff.” Sometimes (especially since I do so much with Christian) they can’t even be bothered to listen when I tell them for the umpteenth time that I write science fiction, not horror. It’s all beneath them. That’s fine. It’s not for everyone. I do, however, have an English Lit and Education degrees. I’ve built curriculum focused on Canadian Poetry (one of my favourite subjects even though I’m rusty) that last I’ve heard, is still being partially used in London. I may just be a sci-fi writer, but I know literature.

vggu5imHaving an international, connected event specifically for genera writers is huge. Having it in Windsor is great. Being part of running it is amazing. It means I don’t get a fat cheque, but I believe in the event, so I gladly give my time. The issue, as always, comes back to that all important funding. The ChiSeries takes donations to help offset the difference between funding and financing several events across Canada. With the funding (hopefully temporarily) cut, donations are more important that ever. Normally I’d say that coming out is the best way to support the event. It makes everyone involved think it’s worth while and keeps spirits up. This time, I have to ask for a bit more. Maybe tossing in a few bucks along with coming out. That sound fair.

This month’s reading is really worth it too. We have two local horror authors who were previously with Samhain, and an author from Michigan who has published with Ticonderoga and Elder Signs Press. Christine Hayton is the author of Scarecrows, a novella that won a publishing contract with Samhain. Mick Ridgewell is the author of Nightcrawler, Evil Within, and Evil Unleashed. Stewart Sternberg is the author of The Ravening and co-author of The Emerald Key, a steam-punk adventure story. It’ll be a frightful evening filled with scary readings, but to break up the scares Crissi Cochrane will be there to play her sultry, jazzy music. It’ll be a fun night starting at 8:30pm at Phog. I hope to see you there!

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