Hiatus Sucks

Blog No. 240

working-at-heightsLast weekend I was at the Serbian Centre for a Summer Craft Show. It was the first event I had in a month, the longest hiatus since I started doing events. Initially, I was pretty happy with the idea of a break. The last event was the first ChiSeries Windsor reading and it took a lot out of me. Also, work continues to be a bear. Because I ended up as the de facto tech guy, I had to go for training. I don’t mind getting more training (especially if I get paid) but it continues to be a time sink and I have so much on my plate as it is. While I much prefer participating in book related events, they don’t pay as well, so work tends to win. While the break was needed, I was raring to go when the craft show came around.

Sadly, it wasn’t one of the good ones. Maybe it was too nice a day, maybe people are too busy with the end of the school year, maybe there was a big alien abduction and they forgot to tell me about it? I’m not sure the reason, but it was not as well attended as hoped. The Christmas Craft Show was packed to the rafters. While I didn’t expect the same numbers, I hoped it was an indication that there would be a good number of bodies through the door. What’s worse, the few people there were not remotely interested in science fiction books. In fact, I was given a bunch of my favourite classic responses.

tz5jhnlMost people just give the classic head shake and hand wave, as if they’re trying to swat a moquito, but maybe not trying very hard.

Some prefer what I call the gross out, where they scrunch up their face and say eew, their whole body shuttering like I held out a dead skunk.

One of the most bewildering to me is the comedy club. When asked if they like to read, or like sci-fi, the person just starts laughing. Not a chuckle, a full belly laugh with head thrown back hands clutching their side (and I’m not exaggerating). I’ll never know what’s so funny, but it’s so effective I’m tempted to use the bit on my podcast.

The last one is the one I see most. I call it ghosting, but more accurately it could be called the stare. When approaching the table, people will look, sometimes nod or lean in, and even make eye contact. If I start talking, they just keep staring, looking through me like I’m a ghost. Soon enough, they are on to the next table (often cheerily communicating with the vendor, to my dismay).

blade-runner1There are some other reactions I get, but those ones are really common. Either way, it’s over and I’m five bucks and six seven hours in the hole. At least I didn’t have to work a wedding. I’d do just about anything to avoid that. For now, it’s on to the layout for the crime anthology. I still want to get my cyberpunk novella finished, but it’s become less pressing since I missed the deadline. My next event will be at the end of July (as it currently stands). There will be more info when I get it. Look for it on the events page. See you next time.

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