The Real World

Blog No. 229

2014-neca-simpsons-25-of-the-greatest-guest-stars-wave-3-550widthAfter two Sundays in a row going to conventions, it’s a strange feeling getting back into the old routine. Even more so after having been a guest a both events. I’m still a little fish, but being at events, selling my book, I get a taste of what it would be like to do this writing thing full time. It’s rather enticing. Then I have to go back to work and actually write stuff. Thankfully, both Syndicon and the Sarnia Pop Culture Show were successful (especially since the new books won’t be out until later this year). Not only did I move some books, but I made some new friends (writers, artists, and organizers). You can always count an event as successful when you’ve made some friends. Facebook has already confirmed it.

Because the people I met are from out-of-town, and because Christian and I are about to host the first Windsor ChiSeries reading next month, prospects are high for setting up readings/events with those out-of-towners, bringing them here and going there too! It’s an old concept in the music industry, but I don’t see a ton of it in writing. Not locally anyway. So, with any luck, I can build off of the ChiZine Chiaroscuro reading series and start some great back and forth with these new friends of mine. I’m certainly not the first to do it (especially since ChiZine is the organization running the big show) but I’m pumped to get Windsor into the action.

17861603_10154470714230983_9145302649422792816_nYesterday, I was at another school (my first of the year). I still have one more scheduled at the end of the month, but I don’t do too many, so that may be it for the year. Going to schools is another odd thing. There is no one planned set of things to do. It’s all up to the teacher and/or whatever I can come up with. Thankfully, there are old standbys to lean on. Readings are a pretty basic and expected element. Most teachers will have the students plan some questions too ( a good way to eat up some time). I’m capable and willing to engage in some other activities like reading and commenting on their writing, or going over some how I do things. It’s all up in the air until I actually get there. Sometimes they just want you to talk, like I’m a speaker with a whole presentation. I’m pretty sure I could come up with something like that if I were asked, but it’s a whole thing that would take a lot of time to plan and prep.

For now, I’m good with the standard reading, questions, and talking. That covers what most people want and I’m all set on that stuff. (Ask anyone who regularly goes to Anchor Coffee House. I’ll talk their ears off with writing nonsense). My next event is the first weekend of May. I’ll be at Shock Stock in London with Christian. I wasn’t super keen on going this year since last year was such a bust. They’ve moved the venue and even outright promised no street hockey this year though. Also, and most importantly. I’m a guest at this event too! That means no big up front cost for the table, plus I get to stay in the same hotel as the event, so no walking a million blocks on the hottest days of the year. That one’s still a while away though. For now, I’m all about those schools. Time to go practice my readings.

2 thoughts on “The Real World

  1. Dominique Camlis

    They really enjoyed the open discussion. In their written reflections, they said they enjoyed your honesty and candid responses. Thank you!

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