Descending the Mountain or Toronto Bound

Blog No. 221

giphyThe First Annual Adventure Worlds Press Summit is over, and I have no idea if it was a success or not. I know I had fun, got to talk shop with Christian and Joey, and had a really good laugh at an old episode of Small Wonder during a dinner break, but I can’t quite quantify the level of success. In the last few years, when the summit was just a retreat, I could do a simple word count and say that reaching seven thousand word in three days was pretty good. This year, my main focus was editing and planning. I got some writing in (four thousand words or so) but all of the second day (the biggest chunk) was spent on finishing the second draft of my crime novella. I did finish it, and even had time that evening to write, but editing that large a story is still a new thing, so measuring how well I did is new too.

The work got done though. I managed to sit at the table for hours at a time typing, reading, and desperately trying to avoid youtube. There is a real advantage to having large blocks of time dedicated to writing, editing, brainstorming, and talking shop. It helps when you’re contextualizing your stories, and with editing and writing, the condensed time frame helps with consistency. There’s room for fun and no judgement, so if you’re not feeling it and need to take a break, made lunch, nap, cut out early for the night, you just do it. Knowing that other people are working away is motivating, but not stressful. Plus, being able to look at the scenery (we like cottages on the water) is relaxing and inspiring.

16683896_10154315807580983_2823216219502597161_nMy favourite aspect is probably the comradery. Sitting at a table, writing, editing, in your own world, can be daunting. Looking up and seeing others working too helps (it helps me at least). Being able to interrupt with a question or thought and instantly have varied suggestions and reactions is invaluable. It helps make a solitary event a little less lonely too. This year we only went with three people, but there has been lots of interest and we may look at a larger Summit for next year. I have no idea what I’ll be working on by then, but so far the getaway has been a big help, and like I said, a lot of fun. The evolution to a Summit makes it even better. Christian and I had an idea of where we were going on our way in, but a lot of things were solidified by the end. I’m energized and excited. I’ve got a couple of books to go finish, now.

Before I do, I want to mention the Toronto Trip. This post will be up while I’m on my way home, so some of this is speculation. I may go in and update it if I feel it’s necessary though. I’m giving you a bit of a peek behind the curtains, but some of you already know I write the majority of these blogs on Tuesdays. It helps me keep on schedule and gives me a bit of a net in case thing transpire beyond my control.

I’m assuming that the ChiZine trip was amazing and I received a standing ovation for my reading. I had a good time meeting up with Craig Davidson, an awesome and successful author who has been very kind to Christian and me. I also had fun with the ChiZine crew. they helped me find the perfect editor whop just wants to do the work for free because she sees how popular my writing is going to be. Also, we all broke into Rogers Stadium to play some catch on the Bluejay’s Field. Hundreds of my Toronto friends came out, bringing their own friends, filling the venue and making me look really good. It was difficult to sneak them all onto the baseball diamond, but we somehow managed it.

16298962_1403897312975152_6222618172974746639_nAfter foiling a bank robbery by doing some sweet flips and stuff, I got the key to the city. I’d have to say it was a pretty fun trip. I’m pretty tired now though, so I’d better get to bed. hopefully you were there to experience it with me. If not, you’d better not miss my next event!

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