Last Update of the Year?

Blog No. 210

giphyI don’t want to jump the gun with that title. I don’t expect to have another update until January, but if you’ve spent any time reading this blog, you know I can’t be trusted. The fact is, I’m getting so close to finishing the first draft of Pilot that I don’t know if I it would be worth doing another update of it. While I’ll be thrilled that I finished (long than planned, but here we are) and I’m sure I’ll want to share it with the world, if it’s too close to now, it would feel weird. Maybe? But I’ve been holding off on an update and I don’t think I can’t wait much longer, so I don’t want to just wait until I’m done. (Even thought I probably just should). I’ve gone too far now anyway, so I’ll just keep plugging forward! Tally Ho!

Last update, I mentioned struggling in August and September. It was a depressing time as a writer. It’s great being lazy in the moment of the laziness, but afterwards, what a crappy feeling. In the last week or so of September, I buckled down and got myself to a round(ish) number going into October. I was determined to pick up the pace and finish this dang story off. It was nearly a year in the works and was hanging over my head for years. The time was nigh.

zy8yapip2lvc0mckjhvyBy the second half of October, I was doing alright, heading for a 10 000 word month. While that’s not a lot, it’s not nothing. Besides, everyone has to start somewhere and build. I was starting from a worse place and getting better. In the end, I fell just shy of 60 000 (having started behind the ball) but managed to hit my word count. That put me into November in a similar situation, but with a key difference. I had momentum.

I started this month at 59 000 and change and had the same goal—get 10 000 or more words and get myself to 70 000. That’s nearly double my initial goal and it puts me in good position to finish by the end of the year. I’m still not sure exactly where I’ll end up, but the recent progress feels good. I expect to wrap it all up well under 80 000. I can’t imagine it getting further than that. I really only have one more major scene to finish. Then again, I am a liar who can’t be trusted. As of today, I have managed to hit the target. I’m just over 70 000 and pushing on through. Really, if I want to make a real go at this, I should be doing no less than what I am now, every month. In fact, with what’s planned for next year, including the second, third, fourth, and who many there will be drafts of Pilot, I’ll have even more to do day-to-day. To keep up this 10 000 words a month, edit, layout/design, printing, marketing, etc, I’m going to have to realistically be doing twice the work each month.

calvin_and_hobbes_originalI’m not expecting Pilot to come out next year. I’m hoping to find an agent, get it shopped around, and get it published with one of the big guys. That’s the idea anyway. I know that takes making a clean manuscript and a lot of time. I get that I’ll face more rejection than anything else, and in the end, maybe nothing will come of it. But why do this and not try. I’m comfortable with letting Pilot float around the ether for a couple years before putting it out myself. I’ve waited this long already. In the mean time (depending on keeping things going like I plan) I should have two books coming out next year. They will both be shorter, and one will be with others, but it’s something. Plus, I can start writing a new book while I shop around this one. So don’t be too bummed out that you have to wait to read this thing I’ve spent all year making. If I were to put it out myself, you’d be waiting nearly as long anyway. Just be happy the fist draft is almost done, like me!

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