Horse Mask Party

Blog No. 205

14725488_10154016976890983_541394140274254824_nLast week, I was on a bit of a tear with my novel. I was catching up after a couple of less than stellar months. It was a good feeling. I was getting things together for the long haul. Now, after a busy week of work (and really busy weekend) and too many tasks left for too long. To top it all off, I have the dreaded layout to finish. A huge jumble of micro tasks assembled into one element that, when one task is finished, it screws up something else, leading to a never ending stream of necessary fixes and adjustments. Like I said last week, it’s a doozy. I promised myself that I wouldn’t let it interfere with my writing, and I was partially successful. The writing related tasks didn’t disrupt my flow, but work, more basement construction, and a last minute invite to help out in a music video did.

Most of my weekends are partially ruined taken up by shifts at work. Because it’s the weekend, those shifts are to cover events. Converts, plays, parties, showers, all these things have their own challenges, annoyances, and positives. Plays and concerts not only add to the culture of the city (something I personally support) but I often get to be a back door observer to the shows. Parties and showers are more difficult, but a nice couple or a plate of food can go a long way to making the shift easier. Plus, they are usually daytime events, leaving me evenings to write (or what have you). Setups and take downs are a lot of work, but for twenty to sixty people, it’s never too bad. Weddings on the other hand. Weddings are almost always a nightmare.

75020108e7885011824907a5df1cd4f2A wedding (I’ve learned) is a charged event. They have been inflated within my lifetime—bloated into massive, expensive events. People have been brainwashed into thinking it’s the most important day of their lives. Things sometimes get so overblown that it takes three days for an event to be setup and two for it to be cleaned. The slightest hiccup (no matter the cause) can set people off. Surprisingly, it’s often not the bride who is the most difficult. The mother of the bride is the most particular and the mother of the groom the most helpful (often). I saw bride yell at her grandmother for feeling ill once. It’s crazy. But I digress.

This past weekend was a busy one between the Fogolar Flea Market and work. Sunday was spent building a closet (drywall and all). I’m ecstatic to finally have a closet, even one that needs some finishing. The basement has been a big job and I have to admit, not one I look forward to. When we do manage to get down there, progress happens quickly, and now that we have another step done (and more materials to play with) we will likely spend more time down there. Since a major portion of the basement is my room (I totally live in my brother’s basement) it’s only fair I do my part.

img_20161025_182235356That explains the weekend, but Monday is a different story. While I can claim work as an issue this week too (I’m working on my usual days off) my evenings are still mostly free. Tuesday, I did get to writing with Christian (the old school coffee shop sessions) but that was already after five days without a singe word. Monday night was so much fun though. A local musician (a friend of my bother’s and mine) was making a video for his latest song and needed some extras. Given my vast experience flubbing my way through a single commercial, I was happy to help. The shoot was in the studio of a local musician and producer (near the tracks, behind an industrial building, in the basement). It was classic rock and roll. Thousands of dollars of equipment within a maze of hallways and odd rooms. Cords running from spaghetti like piles in every direction. There was even a pool table. Mostly, I blew up some balloons and filled in for a single shot of the video. All the hard work was being done by the band, videographer, the lighting technician, and producer. Still, it was cool to be part of it. I’m really trying not to give too much away. It’s a really cool video that took a small group of people a bunch of work.

The post is getting long (I had a lot to complain about) so I’ll wrap it up. Make sure to check out Dave Russell and the Precious Stones (for not reason). Great music happens in every city. If I can manage to get to 60 000 words by the end of the month, I’ll write an update about it. Let’s hope.

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