All the Other Ones

Blog No. 201

Last week I was invited to a book launch/reading/jazz show. The author (Vanessa Shields) is a friend of mine, and I was looking forward to going to the show. Not only do I try to go to as many local events as possible (and try is about the best word I can use since I tend to fall short with all the events I am lucky to be invited to) I make it a point to support those local artists (or businesses, etc) who go our of their way to support others. Plus, she is a nice person and does good work. Some days, getting out back out in the evening after a slog at work is insurmountable. There have been dozens of events I’ve missed (this year alone) where everything from interest to desire was urging me to go, but fatigue won out (with a healthy dose of being behind on my own work) and I didn’t make it out. There are some I regret missing, there are others that (from what I’ve heard) I didn’t miss much, but beyond the support and the enjoyment, there is another good reason for me to go to as many shows and events as possible (and I’m not talking about exposure).

Since I’m in the same business and I have my own events (and products) that I’m eventually going to release some day, eventually, I swear, going to book releases, readings, concerts, plays, exposes me to ideas I’ve never thought of before. Having a live jazz band play during your reading? I’ve had musicians play at my show, but they were a set piece, the same as I was with my reading. The idea of music not only played while I read, but in accompaniment, is not my idea of a good idea. Seeing it happen at a poetry reading, genius. I was way wrong. It totally worked. It helped (along with the entertaining reading and the good content) to make the hour plus event fly by. There were a few things I would change if it were my event, but that’s obvious. Anyone could change anything to better suit them.

To top it off, the book itself is awesome. The construction, the layout, the cover, it’s something to be proud of, and to be jealous of. I keep meaning to ask the author who printed it, but it’s hard to broach the subject without sounding petty. Either way, with my next book event happening tomorrow (yeah, you should know that already, unless I dropped the ball) I’ve had my eyes open for good ideas. Vanessa and the fold as Black Moss Press did a good job with this one. I’m totally taking her paper bag idea.

Friday (tomorrow) is the launch of the illustrated edition of No Light Tomorrow. I’m pretty excited about it. Along with some Mirror World authors, we’ll be releasing it at the Shō Art, Spirit & Performance Working Studio on Monmouth Rd in Walkerville. It’s a Gala (and idea I think we came up with organically) so it’s fancy! I’ll be wearing a blazer and maybe loafers. For anyone who is local, it starts at 7 and there are going to be a bunch of books there that you can buy for the first time. <Click here for the facebook event>

If you are interested in Vanessa Shield‘s book (and you should be) here is some info for you. <This link here>

I doubt Vanessa would be upset that I tossed a bit of attention her way, but thanks to her anyway. I hope to see everyone at the Gala, dressed in their next-to-finest duds.


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