Pens I Don’t Need

Blog No. 199

Recently, I’ve had to purchase some things I’ve needed. I’ve also had some payments come in that needed to be payed. With all that plus my regular expenses like groceries and rent, I’m a little low in the bank account. Adding to that some less necessary costs that were firmly in the reasonable purchase pile, things are tight. So why the heck did I order two pens from Quebec? What was I thinking?

I was thinking they’re awesome, that’s what. You may think I want these pens because I’m a writer. That’s as good an excuse as any, but I don’t do much writing with pen anymore. Sure, I jot down ideas and I keep a day planer with all my writing type tasks, but I’ve fully embraced writing on a computer. It’s just easier. The real reason I need a good pen is for events. Between signing books, keeping track of sales, and scribbling down information, I’ve gone through a pen and almost a second in the last year. One was already well in use and started to fall apart. The other has been used a bit, but is just running out of ink (and isn’t a good one with easy replacement).

So, it was kind of, maybe, reasonable to get a new pen. It would be if I didn’t have at least one good one and a few disposables lying around. The good pen was used for my writing back when I was still writing everything by hand. It’s good and takes standard refills, but it feels too special to be used for everyday things. It was a present from my brother many years ago, when writing was still a dream I wasn’t dedicated enough to properly pursue. It’s a special pen that deserves to be used for special purposes.

With that in mind, I decided I could use something new. I’ve always been taken with the classic Parker Jotter (the first click pen). It’s sleek and simple with solid construction and a good price. It’s an every day pen that should last years. I took to Amazon to start the hunt and found a range of Jotters priced anywhere from eight cents to four hundred dollars. After doing a little research, I found that a new Jotter in a retail store is around the ten dollar mark, so I started with that as a base and attempted to work down. Everything I found was a knock off though, and reviews told the same story of poor quality.

I turned to local retail to see if I could spend a bit more and get a real Jotter and not wait for an order, but all they had were overpriced and only in black. I have nothing against black ink. Sometimes I use it for stark contrast when I’m feeling it, but I love the classic blue. It’s odd that it’s a standard, plus it looks good on a page. Going back to the internet, I found a few Canadian retailers who deal in pens (almost exclusively) and found a good match. At least I think it is. I haven’t received it yet. I only ordered it a day ago though, so if I get it tomorrow as promised, it will be a quick delivery.

The company is based in Quebec (as stated above) and the price was right on the money, even with shipping. I’m feeling pretty confident too, with all the options they have and the detailed information on their website. I get the feeling that the owner is a fan of good pens and does it all out of passion (but it’s probably all my imagination). I would have loved to go to a store like that in person, but there is nothing close enough that would make a specific trip worthwhile. But, I got the pen I wanted. I’ll be briefly happy and use it for every daily thing I can. I was so excited, I even got one in red (you know, for editing or whatever). I may even add a picture of them when I get them, but probably not.

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