The Dying Days of Summer, The Birth of Autumn

Blog No. 197

This morning, while I was driving to work, I noticed a smell, and it wasn’t the sewage treatment plant I pass on the last leg of my journey. I was driving passed a beautiful wooded area (I’m lucky to have several small ones near me) and the air turned crisp. It didn’t last very long. By the time I was pulling into the parking lot (desperately searching for one good song before turning off the car and heading for the building) the sun was chasing the freshness away. We’re reaching an interesting time in our seasons, the transition into my favourite season. The mornings are going to become cooler and more invigorating (for me I suppose if you’re one of those people who can’t get enough blazing heat) but the afternoons still hang on to the summer sizzle. I never know how to dress, but at least I feel more alive for the start of the day.

I’ve talked about autumn a lot on this blog (I feel like I have anyway). It’s a time of year full of nostalgia, busting with energy, and ready for productivity. That window between too hot summer and too cold winter is perfect for people like me. I’m sure there’s something about the old habit of gearing up for school. Going to school was not something I enjoyed, but I spent so much time there (so many unused degrees) that the habit must be ingrained in me. I suppose I’m being too harsh. There were certainly some years in University where the learning became the primary focus (I enjoyed that) and my time in College was a lot of fun. Also, my best group of friends hasn’t changed much since high school.

My schedule is as full as ever (which is more full than it’s been in a long time) but I’m starting to feel more on top of it. It doesn’t drag me down as much. The work remains to be done, but I’m feeling positive about it. August was a slog. Everything took more than one pass, I was more touchy about roadblocks, it was easier it give up. How was I supposed to finish all the work piling up? The answer is that I didn’t. My novel is even more behind, I have events coming up that I’ve done no planning for, the merger Gala is less than a month away—I’m freaking out.

Or I was, before that cool breeze filled the cabin of my car, filling me with new energy, hope, and excitement. Everything is going to be alright, I can do this. I’m looking forward to long walks listening to audio books, the smell of smoke from neighbourhood fireplaces, cool nights made for sleeping, and fresh, crisp air flowing through open windows. It’s a recipe for success. My writing is going to be renewed, I’ll edit everything under the sun, the new book (as part of the merger with Mirror World that is also our first book) will be fantastic and the event will blow everything else out of the water. At least hat’s what the breeze said this morning.

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