Blog No. 193

I’ve just finished ripping through the Percy Jackson books (by Rick Riordan) again. I think it’s the third time I’ve read them, but I don’t keep track of that stuff much. This year I’ve made a conscious effort to make reading more of a daily habit. As a writer, it’s a necessity, and it’s a good way to spend the last hour or so of your day. I haven’t exactly met my goal of a book a month. Sometimes I can’t seem to find the time, or the book isn’t quite good enough for me to make the time. Sometimes I just have to priorities writing (which is still a touchy topic at the moment). Either way, from January to May I had only had four books read. The last one was slower than I’d like, and I didn’t have another book lined up yet, so I figured it was time to go back to some books I had previously enjoyed and knew I could get through quickly. Partly to beef up my count (Christian is a reading machine this year) and also because I had a hankering to experience that world again.

With a couple of days of waiting for appointments (which never happen when scheduled) I managed to get through the original five book series in a bit over a week. While the writing isn’t perfect, even for kids books, the story is a lot of fun. It moves quickly and is filled with tons of Greek myths and history. I found myself looking things up at the end of a bunch of chapters. Plus, like most series, the writing gets better with each one. My only continuous struggle is the attempt to put it all under a teenager’s perspective. Sure, that’s who the characters are, but it rings of an adult trying to sound like a teen, and it pulls me out of the story every so often. Still, I wouldn’t have read them again if I didn’t like them.

After finishing them all, I wondered what else Riordan as written. I knew he had a series based on Egyptian gods that was less well received, and a few of those not story puzzle side books things that popular young adult books like to push out. I thought I remembered there were more books in the same series though. After a cursory look, I found there was an entire second, five book series with some of the same characters and a bunch of new ones. I zipped over to an ebooks site and downloaded the first two, keeping the mad reading streak going. (P.S. when did ebooks get so crazy expensive. They used to be a cheaper alternative. No wonder numbers are down).

I’m just beginning the new adventure, but so far, I’ve enjoyed it. It’s more of the same with better writing and bigger books. I’m sure I’ll end up reading those ones again in the future. It’s a theme in my life. I’ve know some people who only like to experience things once. Movies, books, shows, destinations, whatever. They give things a once over and move on.  I came from a house of people who re-watched movies, reread books, had favourite places to go. I just follow in the tradition. I may not get to read as many books in my life as someone who only reads new things, but I get to have some interesting experiences noticing new things, seeing how my changed life changes the reading. I recommend it, though I’m back to new books for now. Probably next summer I’ll do another favourite series again. I’m excited to see which one I choose.

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