Day of Kings

Blog No. 189

13516203_10153743495720983_7085526552815543252_nOver the last few years (around the same time I’ve been working with Adventure Worlds) I’ve had the rare opportunity to see some of my favourite bands live. Due to my extreme age, many of them have since left whatever spotlight they may have had (some of them even haven broken up). Three of the most notable experiences have been seeing Mystery Machine at the FM lounge (now any empty space), going to Hamilton to see the Killjoys play a reunion show on New Year’s Eve, and  now I get to add going to Toronto to see Limblifter. It’s no coincidence that all three bands are Canadian alternative Rock. It’s also no coincidence that I saw all three shows with my musician brother. (Not to mention how awesome all three concerts were).

As I’ve said before, a lot of my musical interests came from my brother. He’s older, so when I was in high school learning what I liked as a person, the stuff my cool older bro (cool at the time at least!) caught my interest. His being a musician helped a lot. With his other musician friends, they always seemed to be in the know. The latest hits, the cool underground stuff, awesome local shows. It’s no surprise we still like most of the same music and long to see the same bands we loved back then.

13599929_10153743485460983_4565919887962065089_nThis year, we discovered that the excellent Limblifer (once a part of Age of Electric) was playing a show at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto. Never one to shy away from a road trip, when he suggested he take me to the show for my birthday, I was thrilled at the idea. With a day-and-a-half lead time, we booked a hotel for the night, found the train would be too expensive and limiting on time, packed a bag, and hit the road. With an all Canadian Alt-Rock playlist, a fresh cup of coffee from Anchor, and a Bulk Barn bag of treats, we hit highway two, crossed the 401 passed Chatham, and took highway 3 to London (bypassing most of the construction). From there, we took the 403 exit and cruised into Toronto.

The drive was great, but the rest of the day was even better. We found our hotel, checked in, and walked to a taco place across the street. After a quick change, we walked to the SkyDome and bought tickets for the Jay’s game. (Another treat from my brother). They lost, but it was still a great time. 13529065_10153743495870983_5188163628970465023_nWhen the game ended, we jumped into a cab, headed back to the hotel, showered, and ran back out to catch a cab for the show. Arriving with half an hour before the main act, we picked out spots, grabbed some merch, and prepared to shout along with every song we knew.

When the band hit the stage and the crowd started to scream, I knew it was going to be a good show. When the band started with the first song off their first album, then informed us they would be playing the whole thing, I knew it was going to be one of the best concerts I’d ever been to. The end of the first album ran into the start of the second. With some fun banter in between songs, they played some of the third and a hand full of songs of their new album. Energy in the room was high the whole show and after an encore, it was time for most people to leave. We stuck around to talk to the band members, who were all super friendly and welcoming. I got the impression that they were as happy for us to be there as we were. Before we left, I got an album signed.13532816_10153743496510983_4940565878796571283_n

The rest of the night was the same as any other late night I’ve had. One beer more than I should have, way too much bad pizza, and a restless sleep. In the morning, with no voice, we packed up the truck and headed back onto the road for the long drive home. It was a lot for a short trip, but it was tons of fun and an experience I thought I missed. What I did miss was doing any writing. So as usual, I’m falling father behind. The experience was worth it though. Easily.

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