The Future

Blog No. 188

Back in 2012, at the start of Adventure Worlds, I talked a lot to the other members (too much as I’m know to do) about the future of the endeavour. I imagined everything from a fully functioning web magazine to lucrative careers as authors, and even something about publishing. As time went by, my main focus was finishing stories. Having spent as many years as I did talking, I had to prove to myself that I could actually write. Adventure Worlds was a responsibility. I had to put content on the site and I had to get better because everything I was writing was going up to be read. It served as exactly what we initially wanted. The blog was a place for us to post our stories, challenge each other to improve, and hopefully find an audience. It was a brand we could develop and use to help us all.

Things continued smoothly, stories went up, I began to finish my own stories on time and regularly. We came up with ideas like The Fifth Monday and the Zine and all was well. I began to stockpile more stories and conversations turned to a short story collection. Christian beat us to the punch by putting out his own book, but that sparked the fire, making me want a book with my name on it that much more. Through some hard work, and trial and error, we put out No Light Tomorrow and continued working on our longer books. (I had the brilliant idea to work on pilot rather than the novel I had started, but that’s a different story).

Christian and I started going to events, selling books, making friends. We had readings, signings, and sold books out of our cars. Since January we’ve sold more than 300 books and have started to look to the future. We still have plenty on stock, and our sales lately have slowed, but we knew we wanted to do a second run, so now felt like the right time. We contacted a local artist we know and commissioned some images to go along with the stories. With that on the go, we reached out to a local publisher to see about doing the second edition through them. We could have done it on our own, but with the novels suffering (mine drastically) and our limited sales reach, we though going a different route made sense.

From that idea, we had a meeting with the publisher who had a counter offer for us. It includes having the second edition printed, but it means possibly much more. Talks are still ongoing (we need to find what works best for both parties) though there is an end in sight. (That makes it sound like it’s been going on for a long time, but it’s actually been lightning quick). It’s something I’ve thought about and something Adventure Worlds has talked about. We had reservations initially because anything that takes away from our writing should be suspect. The opportunity we have now though, it may be the best of both worlds. I can’t talk about specifics yet, but I am too excited to not talk about it for this week’s blog. I’m sorry if that’s a chump move, it’s the way it has to be. If things are wrapped up this week, I’ll make sure to fill you in. For now, hang tight. Exciting things are afoot.

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